1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 186

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 186: Sumer Korean Recuperating Dishes Part 2

It’s summer and it’s hot and it’s time to recharge and recuperate with traditional Korean dishes! After fighting over Yakdol Pork with the eating-blins SeYoon and MinSang, it’s time to head off for their next feast at YeongJu, an hour’s away.

HAHAHAHHAHA, the eating-blins come along on the same bus and JongMin’s picked by the variety-gods to sit between them. He’s so squished that Yoo PD asks if his blood is flowing because he looks so white, heh. JoonYoung notes that they’re finally eating Samgyetang, the summer staple, at YeongJu as introduced by Veteran Actor Choi BulAm, topped with YeongJu ginseng, the very same ginseng that was served to royalty in the past.


After that painful ride (for JongMin. Everyone else was sleeping), they finally arrive at MuSeom Village at YeongJu. The village is surrounded on three sides by water, making it look and feel like an island even though it’s nowhere near a sea. That also of course means that there are a number of beautiful bridges there, the most renowned of which is the single-log-wide log-bridge. Our boys decide to take a walk on it and while the skinny ones easily stride across, the larger ones complain about their knees and having to pay more attention or they’ll fall off into the shallow, but still wet, stream on either side.

TaeHyun asks for a short rest and JunHo suggests a game of push-you-off. SeYoon volunteers to play with Defconn and with Ice Cream or Iced Americano on the line, JongMin, DongGu, TaeHyun and MinSang side with SeYoon while Defconn has the two almost-traitors JoonYoung and JunHo on his side.

Hee, SeYoon’s full of confidence that he’ll win this, but the moment the game starts, the two of them tumble into the stream, and with a check of the camera, it’s determined that Moon SeYoon touched the water first, just 0.1s earlier than Defconn. Pfft, JunHo brags that this is why the others should have believed in Defconn. Who was the one who requested to change sides just before the game?!


The winners go to get their promised spoils with JunHo brazenly picking a huge tub of Häagen-Dazs that doesn’t go past Yoo PD’s eyes. Meanwhile, the ajumma in the shop mistakenly makes an extra Iced Americano and the losing team fights to drink that. They play rock-paper-scissors to decide the order of drinking (limited to one mouthful a person!) and DongGu wins first dibs. I realise that DongGu does well at this game, huh.

Pwahahaha, MinSang is second, which practically means that third, fourth and fifth place share barely 1/5 of a cup between them. SeYoon finishes all the ice, leaving TaeHyun with just one cube and karma strikes him as he gets brain-freeze.

The skies darken and they gather outside a hanok for their dinner game. But to whet their appetites, they get to see and smell the boiling samgyetang before being told that their game is Inspector Goblin.

In short, they’ll be separated into two teams, each of four people; they’ll be given four bowls of the exact same dish. The difference is that only one of the dishes will be delicious since the others had been tampered with and the team eating it has to put on a show as best as they can to fool the other team whose mission is to correctly guess who has the tasty dish.

The guests, SeYoon and MinSang choose their team members and we end up with SeYoon taking DongGu, YAPS and Defconn while MinSang has TaeHyun, JoonYoung and the one nobody wants, JongMin. Also, SeYoon’s team challenges acting first.

Yoo PD sends them to the back where the overly-vinegared Mul-NaengMyeon are for a secret taste-test and to come up with a strategy. JunHo chokes on all of them and seeing that, Actor-DongGu comments that he’s really great at faking coughs, hoping to get the good one. JunHo refuses to relent and makes them all go through a Fake-Cough-test… which the totally overdoes. Heee. Defconn’s no better.


They come out and start drinking the broth for show. JunHo starts coughing after a while and goes totally red in the face. DongGu drinks his comfortably but lets a cough slip in the end, which JongMin takes to mean that he’s acting because he doesn’t usually do that even when eating lemons. Defconn just fails (they all think he’s got the one with the vinegar-dump) and JongMin and TaeHyun guess that SeYoon’s 100% the one with the bad NaengMyeon too.

JoonYoung starts fooling with JunHo and orders him to pour a whole lot of vinegar in his bowl then drink. Heh, JunHo pretends to drink and later when ordered to eat his noodles, he tries to drain as much broth away as he can before he eats. SeYoon and DongGu are told to add vinegar in theirs and switch bowls, so SeYoon “chokes” while attempting his first bite as DongGu bravely swallows everything. But I notice the little involuntary twitch at the corner of his mouth at the end, hee. Seems like their strategy was to make SeYoon’s bowl look like it’s the normal one.


So the other team falls for that and JongMin goes up as tribute to try that bowl. PWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the sourness gets to him and he waddles off to spit it all out.

Hee, they next guess that DongGu’s the one with the good one, but TaeHyun confirms that it’s not. They try Defconn next and collapse in laughter to realise that the good bowl was with JunHo the whole time. HEEEE! Aigoo, our YAPS.

MinSang’s team heads back for their turn and see red pasta staring at them. Oh shiet. How do you hide spiciness?????!!!!! And TaeHyun and JoonYoung complain that they can’t eat spicy food and their face turn red involuntarily.

Out they go again, with TaeHyun complaining about their challenge unfairly being spiciness.


JongMin takes a bite of his first and pretends to be fine. TaeHyun eats his… and JongMin suddenly makes a terrible face, like the heat is coming on. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! JoonYoung’s red ears basically give him away while MinSang doesn’t look like anything happened, so JongMin starts hiccupping.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA, JunHo orders JongMin to eat from all the other three plates and JongMin’s over-the-top acting confuses them so much that they’re not sure at all. Even TaeHyun cackles to see his profession being so mocked by that performance and while JongMin tries to save his tongue by sticking it through a piece of bread and in milk, TaeHyun bows to him and hails him as an acting genius.

SeYoon and gang guess TaeHyun next but gets it wrong, so they guess MinSang in the end, since it’s impossible for JoonYoung to turn his ears red on command. And they get it right, so they get the Samgyetang for dinner.

Set before the winners is the nine-herb-Samgyetang, made with various good herbs from Mount Sobaek, as explained by the 55th Food Expert in Korean Cuisine, Madam Kim YeongHui. Ordinarily, the chicken and broth would only be made with 7 herbs, but because they’re considered important guests, two more kinds were added in. She presents them with Ginseng Preserved in Honey too, explaining that it was precious in the past (like now) and that the kings would hide the ginseng and eat it alone in secret for virility. She even presents Shredded Deodeok and Ginseng salad prepared with sweet sauce and points to the Bulgogi cooked in traditional-ware and the Three Colour Wheat Crepes with Beef and Mushrooms. Even the rice is special, called Nok-du Chal-Bap, which is basically a mixture of steamed glutinous rice with mung beans and millet, cooked with healthy herbs.

Waaaah, they should have done this last week too – explaining all about Korea’s cuisines. Isn’t that what a national travelling show is all about?


The winners eat in delight, with SeYoon calling the Samgyetang broth a restorative drug and DongGu waxing poetic about his chicken being so tender that it “dives” into his mouth. Pfft, I missed his descriptions of food. Why don’t they do that anymore?

Ha, Defconn shakes his chicken leg to show how tender it is and SeYoon sucks the meat right off the drumstick. LOL, they start going over the top, like the food’s a cure-all, before moving to the other dishes.

Heh, Yoo PD notices how the losers have suffered today and offers them… bowls of Samgyetang broth. Eish!

So of course, naturally, they sidle up to the winners and do whatever it takes to get some chicken, with TaeHyun fake-playing his stick-flute and trying to come up with a crass poem… which JunHo likes but since the poem dissed him, he refuses to give up any chicken, HAHA!

Dinner finally ends and Yoo PD sends the Eating-blins off home in their air-conditioned cars while the others wash up and get into red-clay pajamas.

HAHAHAHHAA, TaeHyun immediately asks if they have to return the clothes, already wanting one set for himself to take home. Heh, Defconn notes that his will fit SooChan perfectly in a few years and TaeHyun announces that SooChan’s now on a diet. JunHo mutters that his SNS profile says “the gloriousness of food” though, bwahaha.

The six of them head into a prepared room, since Yoo PD told them that they’re all sleeping indoors today. Then they realise that the room is heated with oak wood. OH MAI GHAT, ARE YOU TRYING TO TURN THEM INTO ROASTED CHICKENS?! There’s a heatwave in Korea you know!


Whaaaaaa- Yoo PD locks them in and says that this is the traditional way – Joseon people used to fight heat with heat. That’s like saying “roast a burnt chicken on high heat”. And JongMin steps on JunHo while trying to climb into the storage area above the window and so gets his pants pulled down in retaliation. JoonYoung tries to open the front door… and Yoo PD scrambles to shut it, heh! Can’t keep your guard down with these guys!

Anyways, since we’re not in Joseon anymore, Yoo PD gives them three games to escape the room. The winner of each game sleeps in a room with 21st century air-conditioning.

They open the doors and start off with a word game, where DongGu the bookworm fails first and a rare rhinoceros beetle captures JunHo’s attention.

“Isn’t that a national treasure?”

JongMin: “Can you get it away now?!”



Anyway, one by one, JongMin and then JunHo bow out the game… but not before all of them close the windows and scream because the bug has come right up to their windowsill and they don’t like it at all. Pffft. DongGu’s just relaxing on the blankets and ignoring their panic, snerk.

Three is whittled to one and Defconn’s deperation earns him the right to sleep in the cool room and a bottle of cold Shikhye. Yoo PD closes the doors again, leaving them to roast in there. Heh, the five guys note that Defconn won all the games today and snipe that he should leave 1 Night 2 Days already… because he’s doing too well with the games while they’re just trying to be funny. They’re trying to imply that it’s not that they lack the ability, just so you guys know! They’re losing on purpose! Ha!


JoonYoung and JunHo gripe between them while TaeHyun cackles at how JunHo’s pissy again, then JunHo comes up with the winner: “Do you think he’s been to drinking parties (dating parties) before?!”

HA, Defconn can hear everything from outside and annoyed, he sticks one more log in the burner as JongMin joins in the dissing.

The next game is Enduring the Highway. Basically, they should just endure the pain from a knuckle run right over their heads and JongMin immediately gives up, telling them to just hand the win to JoonYoung, who’s the ace at this. PWAHAHAHAHAHHAA, JongMin’s mind goes completely blank to the point that he forgets Defconn’s name, which doesn’t bode well for him seeing how Defconn’s the one running his knuckle over their heads.

DongGu goes first and his peaceful expression throughout the minute-long ordeal shocks them, even Defconn, who insists that he’s not going easy on DongGu at all. So JunHo steps forward… and he lasts all of 3 seconds. HEH!

JongMin announces that he’s backing out of this and Defconn snaps that there’s no such thing, determined to have his revenge. TaeHyun screams even before the game actually started and his official record is 0.7 seconds. HA!

HEEEEEE!!!!!!! JongMin’s up next and Defconn has his head in a lock, refusing to let go even though JongMin taps out. So JongMin grabs Defconn’s hair and bites him, AAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

JongMin all proud: “I got a strand of hair!”


JongMin lasts 1.6 seconds and JoonYoung  whines at first but the moment it starts, his angel-face comes up and he doesn’t make a peep for a n entire minute. Yoo PD acknowledges that he and DongGu probably can endure anything and so decides to settle it with a round of the word game. Why do they like that game so much?

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, JongMin attempts to take over JunHo’s closet and JunHo runs over to pull his pants down, clutching on like a turtle biting something. Defconn comes to smack the bare butt and DongGu even comes to join in the fun. While JongMin threatens to fart and poop to no avail, TaeHyun’s gasping for his life below them, laughing that he’d rather just sleep in the same room as JunHo and JongMin because they’re too funny.

After all those shenanigans, JoonYoung and DongGu settle their tie breaker, with JoonYoung winning with the word “Arisu”, which both means Seoul’s Tap Water and was the Han River’s old name. So DongGu has to endure yet another minute of summer-sauna.

Ha, YAPS sneaks out of the room to congratulate JoonYoung and Defconn pushes him back him for his one minute of heat. That sends him over the edge and he starts ranting like a crazed man inside, over how JongMin’s taking over his closet, HEH!

The last game is “Take off the Stocking”.

Each person will wear a stocking over his head and they’ll fight to remove the others’. The last man standing wins.


Ha, all four immediately attack JongMin, who runs to hide in the closet. JunHo calls foul and Referee Defconn heads in to drag JongMin out by the collar. Almost immediately, his stocking is ripped off (while at the same time, he pulls on TaeHyun’s stocking and hair). The moment JongMin’s out, DongGu and TaeHyun pair up against JunHo, who pulls on TaeHyun’s stocking again. Seeing this, DongGu does a little twirl and eliminates both at once… or so he thinks because JunHo puts the ripped stockings back on his head and growls that it’s not over till it’s over. And so DongGu heads back in to finish the job.

The games end and therefore, it’s Defconn, JoonYoung and DongGu in the air-conditioned room while TaeHyun gets to sleep in the same room as the two jokesters like he wished.

Yoo PD sends them off to bed, telling to just meet at the log bridge the next morning.


JunHo: “If we don’t come, please come to us. We might have become unconscious.” Ha!

But for all his worries, he’s the one who sleeps first and keeps TaeHyun up all night with his horrendous, thunderous snores. The three other guys sleep like babies.

Morning comes and they read their morning misson, which is to cross the bridge and take some Korean Chess pieces and come back to build a tower of 8 with them that stands for at least 3 seconds.

While the others run, sleepy TaeHyun just trudges. But they all make it back in similar times and JongMin and JunHo starts interfering with the tower making business.

Defconn’s the first to pass, followed by JoonYoung… then JongMin. All because DongGu couldn’t count and tried stack his stable 8-pieces high tower with one more piece, making it fall over.

The winners go home immediately while the others have to stay back and learn Hanja from the elders.



Next Week!

Horror Special!



4 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 186

  1. This week episode is pretty funny compare to last week’s. Yaps is a really good actor! I can’t believe he managed to fool everyone! And poor Defconn being badmouthed like that..


    1. It was, wasn’t it? YAPS acting was a revelation for me. Heh, they keep accusing him of being a Motae-Solo that, in Defconn’s own words, I wonder what the girlfriends who kissed him would think! Asura is not one of them!


  2. thank you..thank you for the recaps..i have to stuffed my hanky in my mouth to stop myself from bursting out in laughters(me at work.. yep..even on a sunday). when you mention roasting…i lost it😂 i mean..with their pajamas in that colour.. they truly looked like roasted chickens! and this is only reading ur recaps..i need to wait till i get into my bedroom before i watch this episode. 따 봉!


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