1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 187 Extra

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 187 Extra:

Night turns to day and despite their fear, TaeHyun and JoonYoung manage to get some sleep.

Heh, they’re so tired that the PD has to place the phone playing the morning song close to them in case they didn’t hear.

Groggily, the two guys sit up, with JoonYoung complaining that even the animals there make weird noises. Cut to snoring… from TaeHyun the weird. Ha! Instead, TaeHyun didn’t sleep well because he kept thinking that “that person” would appear somewhere during the night. “That person” being the ghost. LOL. Aigoo, this scaredy-cat…

The two of them are treated to bowls of red-bean porridge and the PD tells JoonYoung that from since past, red beans has been used to drive out ghosts when he asks what’s the meaning of that. So the porridge’s a present to the two who lasted through the night. Pwahahah, TaeHyun mutters that he really was harassed by ghosts.

The two of them peck at their porridge and JoonYoung brings up the unfairness of it all. Defconn was the one who caused this… and yet they’re the ones suffering! Hee, TaeHyun silently nods in agreement with every word as JoonYoung grumbles… so they decide to take revenge.

HAHAH, JoonYoung demands to know what Defconn hates the most and TaeHyun easily answers “Isn’t it that he’s a Forever Single?” without any hesitation at all. So JoonYoung grumbles that when Defconn wakes up, the one beside him probably is his anime-wife Asuka. Hahahaha.

Pfft, the two of them suddenly turn towards the school and tell the “ghost” that she did well and to go back in. HAHAHA, JoonYoung looks at the old, dirtied statue of a kid holding his right arm out right in front of the school and asks if arm was up last night. TaeHyun asks if it wasn’t actually the left arm instead. Pfft.

It was nice to see you. See you next time!



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