1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 187

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 187: Watch Your Words!

All abooooaaaaarddd!!! We’re now heading towards Suwon, a city of history!

Ha, for the first time in a while, bookworm DongGu gets the name of the statue before them wrong, calling King JeongJo his confidant, Jeong YakYong, one of the most influential thinkers in Joseon’s later years.

It’s 38 degrees celcius out there today and Yoo PD says, “as you know, these days has been hot. Therefore, to save you from the morning sun, we called you here in the afternoon.” That’s… *cough* HA!

He admits that it’s really hot today and so lets them all go on a one-day trip. As usual, he introduces them to the landmark behind them – the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, a fortress ordered by the 22th King of Joseon, King JeongJo. Designated a UNESCO world heritage site, despite its grandeur, it has been through a lot of wars and all those damages can be seen. Part of it has been repaired but there remains a part that has not been able to receive that privilege yet.

JongMin claims to know much about this and he’s not lying as he explains that Hwaseong was built with the scientific methods developed by King JeongJo and Jeong YakYong – for example, Jeong YakYong invented the Geojungi, the ancient Korean equivalent of a crane with potter’s wheels, to lift up heavy brinks, which is how the fortress was built so incredibly fast.

Other than building the fortress, the wise King was famous for a certain phrase too – “people shouldn’t use words to create a moment of pleasure”. HA! They try to guess what that phrase means, messing up the words with various homonyms, since it’s actually an idiom in Chinese, and in essence, it means “watch what you say”.

Pfft, JoonYoung mutters that they just shouldn’t talk today then and TaeHyun’s all “that’s impossible”. Hahahaha, he recalls all he rubbish they’d talked about earlier, which is a heck lot. They walk off wondering what the staff is going to do to them… and they see a table tennis table. HA!



This is all DongGu’s fault! I remember clearly how on his very first trip he’d been so annoyed by his (terrible) performance at the game and how the other team kept teasing him that he SWORE to the cameras that he’d hit them RIGHT on the philtrum. So the production has prepared this. Heh.

In this game, DongGu has 10 tries to hit his hyungs on the philtrum with the table tennis ball and if he succeeds, he and his team get to ride to the next station in an air-conditioned car. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck in one without air-con. In this sweltering weather.

Heeee, IlYong PD has great fun marking JunHo’s philtrum with fresh cream and using that excuse to squirt some in his nostrils. But no matter how he tries, DongGu fails. Even when the target’s changed to JongMin, and the Korean Anthem is played before his last try, he fails. Aiii…. JunHo succeeds repeatedly though!

Before they head off, TaeHyun wonders what other kind of rubbish they’d talked about too and JunHo remembers that they kept talking about girl groups. Fat chance.

Off DongGu and his team (TaeHyun and JoonYoung) go, along with the other team, to their cars.

Ha, JoonYoung and TaeHyun hop into the air-conditioned car and decide to lock JunHo and Defconn out and just run, like they did in an earlier episode. However, time has passed and they’ve matured (sadly), and so they return, because they felt bad for the other two who didn’t deserve this.

So TaeHyun and JoonYoung go back into the car without air-conditioning, and DongGu hovers around them, fanning them and offering to drive, just because he felt bad about losing the game and making them endure this for a 68km long ride. That’s so like DongGu – he worries so much. OMG, it was reported that the apparent temperature that day could go up to as high as 40 degrees Celsius. And that’s the reason why I’m never going back to Korea in summer like I did last year. The windows in DongGu’s car aren’t even wound down!! Only a little bit on the driver’s side!

Hee, JunHo calls to annoy them but Team DongGu is so out of their mind that they ignore him. Instead, TaeHyun’s breaking down already and warning IlYong PD that his loving wife is going to get on his case soon. Even HoJin PD isn’t helping because he just texts back to TaeHyun:  “Roll down the windows! I said that even knowing you can’t. I just wanted to tease you.” HAHAHAHHA!


In the other car, JunHo’s head lolls and JongMin orders his seat warmer to be turned on (What kind of high class car is this?) and JunHo immediately wakes up, perspiration drenching his back. HA! JoonYoung meanwhile insists that the car’s air-conditioning is working, only to be told that it’s probably his perspiration evaporating.

Hee, Team DongGu reaches the pit-stop, a coffee shop, first and since Yoo PD isn’t eager to get on TaeHyun’s wife’s bad side (she was all ready to unleash her womanly fury on him for doing this to her husband, heh), he offers the three of them Iced Americano. Pfft, JongMin comes and dares to try and steal the drinks, only for the three of them to slap him with the glare.

JunHo tries to threaten Yoo PD with the fact that his mother’s angry at him for the YAPS nickname, only to be told that he was one who came up with it first. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! JongMin tries to get Yoo PD to buy him an ice cream and suddenly, everything turning on him, demanding that he treat them all to a meal of beef since that’s what he claimed last week while refusing to accede the win to DongGu. (See last post.) HA! JongMin tries to replace it with a round of ice cream instead. You’re not getting away with it!


HAHAHAHAHHA, they change it to a meal and a dessert, the latter of which they’ll have now and JongMin agrees to that. Then he’s told that there’s 120 staff with them. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

After eating their ice cream, they arrive at Hwanghakseon Arboretum, a place with over 1400 species of plants. They all demand to know who’s the one who said the wrong thing this time and JongMin swears that he’s going to pinch whoever said the wrong thing… and it turns out to be him. HEHEHE!

OMG, this is hilarious!!!!!!! JongMin, who once wore a space suit while guesting on Music Bank, said over dinner that it’ll be fun if they wore it in the show. So here comes the space suit! Pfft. They’re playing in teams again and because the production only managed to get one space suit, the other two members of the losing team will be wearing a Tree Costume and a Ski Suit. Nooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………..

That Korean heat is coming back to me……. what a trauma.

The game they’ll be playing is to basically flip as many cards off a stack with one breath as possible. DongGu shows promise while JunHo makes his team members nervous. HAHAHHAA, he tries to cheat, but that backfires and not a single card was flipped. DongGu flipped a total of 11.

And that lead is lost thanks to TaeHyun who couldn’t even topple the tower. Defconn’s one puff is reported to be more than one in one breath and when Yoo PD tells him to go again, TaeHyun and team complain that they should have another chance too then. If Defconn gets a re-try, he should too! HAHAHA, the heat is making them all sensitive.

They decide to reset the second round and TaeHyun manages a respectful 19 flipped cards. Defconn blows nothing despite JongMin enthusiastically coaching him, hahaha! The bear storms after his terrible coach after that failed attempt while JongMin runs for his life.


In the third and last round, it essentially is JoonYoung with 1 card and JongMin with 0. Because JongMin just blew the entire stack of cards off centre, that’s all. HAHAHHA! Who’s that lady cackling from the back? That just sounds hilarious! Now JongMin and his team have to pay the price for him not watching his words – they’ve got to wear the suits and take pictures at three different scenic spots while JoonYoung and team sit under the shade of trees and soak their feet in ice cold water. They even get watermelon to munch on!

Out in the hot field, JunHo and team replay the game to decide who wears what and JunHo does a PERFECT flip. Ha!

JoonYoung: “But that just means that at best he’s still wearing the ski suit.”

Heh, Defconn is second and gets to wear the tree costume. JongMin is dead last and has to put on his spacesuit. They haven’t even started the punishment and they’re annoyed and kicking each other already, hehe.

Off they go to their designated  areas, which is like spread across the 2 mile long park.


Heh, the moment they’re done, they pull off their costumes and JunHo refuses to help Defconn with his because he’s a “grown man”.

Heheheheheh, TaeHyun and gang come and TaeHyun teases JunHo with ice cold water and JoonYoung announces that he’ll have his ice cream because he didn’t eat his earlier.

Onto the bus they get again and once together, they start talking crap again like little boys. They never let up, hee!

Oooh, day turns to night and JunHo wonders when he’ll give them dinner.

Yoo PD tells them that they’re all eating dinner tonight and they’re all surprised to see cold shredded chicken and noodles and eel before them. Pwahahaha, Defconn’s to touched that he called Yoo PD “My Appa”.

While eating, DongGu suddenly notices that some cameras are missing.

Heh, when Yoo PD asks if they’d like more noodles JunHo wonders if the nonsense quoted was something along eating dinner forever. Then Yoo PD suddenly asks if they don’t have to worry about their weight. No…

Heee, they’re so happy eating that they’re worried about what Yoo PD has up his sleeve.

When they finish eating, Yoo PD happily says that they’re now heading to somewhere refreshing.

DongGu brightly chirping, “a haunted house?”

HAAA, Poor JoonYoung and TaeHyun. Heh, TaeHyun’s dreading this so much that he suddenly has his head in his hands, groaning that he probably was the one who said something like this. But if I remember correctly, it was Defconn who said that last week though?? It’s not a lie that he really hates ghosts though, because he goes completely nervous and white while in the bus.

And the creepy closed-down school in the distance isn’t helping matters!

There’s even a pile of rocks before it that they thought was some sort of grave.


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, it turns out that Defconn IS the reason for this game – he even said he’d be great eating a meal with a ghost. TaeHyun is so pissed it’s amusing. They weren’t even going to have a horror special this year until he mentioned it, heh.

Yoo PD tells them that the game is simple. Just go into the school and bring back something from the room at the end of the corridor. The fastest four get to go home immediately while the last two will be spending the night there.

They play rock-paper-scissors to decide the order and again, DongGu wins. He’s like the king of this game eh? Hehe, he makes Defconn go first, followed by JunHo, then JongMin, then JoonYoung, TaeHyun and lastly, him.

Hee, they pick from a jar what they have to bring back from the school and Defconn’s is the Third Stomach of a Cow. LOL. TaeHyun’s so nervous that he thought he said “woman” and they tease Defconn, asking if he’s going to have his first kiss with a female ghost. Ha.


Pffft, his entire segment is edited out though, because he was so fake and he comes out of the school with the stomach in 8 minutes.

JunHo goes next and he barely manages to enter the front doors. Hee, the female ghost behind the door grabs his shoulders and asks him to guess the title of the tune. JunHo does while shivering and when he’s directed to the room at the end of the corridor, he tries to drag the ghost with him but she screeches in reply and he’s so creeped that he runs all the way out. Haahahaha!

Slowly but surely, JunHo hums, babbles and gobbles his way down the corridor and into the room of hanging objects. HEH. Even though it’s filled with ordinary things, because he can’t see a thing, every little thing freaks him out. But surely, he gets the plunger that he needs and he comes out in 8 minutes too.

JongMin’s next and the way he basically ignores all the ghosts means he gets his item in just over 5 minutes.

Up next is TaeHyun and JoonYoung and TaeHyun’s so terrified that he refuses to enter alone and drags JoonYoung with him. Heh, Yoo PD must really know what scaredy-cats they are because he allows it… not like it helps at all because they can’t even get through the front door. HAHAHAHA!

They push each other and trick each other, but no matter what they do, they just can’t make in at all and they have to tell the ghost-guide to hide for a bit. That’s not even enough and they drag Defconn with them.

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, even with the huge bear, the two fearful ones scream and run off the moment a second ghost (she’s not even in the same room as them) pops up for a bit, all the way to the front door. I cannot believe how hilarious this is! I cannot! I cannot! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *Wheeze!!!!*


Outside, the three remaining guys call the ghost-guide to come hide behind them as a surprise for the two scaredy-cats when they come back.

Heh, TaeHyun and JoonYoung trudge back, declaring that they  CANNOT do this, which is the moment TaeHyun sees the ghost (under bright light) behind DongGu, JunHo and JongMin and he immediately FLIES towards Yoo IlYong and crumples in shock and fear. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I have never seen the boys laugh so hard! He refuses to even look at her!

The two of them give up, so DongGu goes in first, and as expected, he just zooms past the ghosts. He gets to the room first… but he takes forever to find his item. Aigoo, Bbik-gu yah…


He comes out in 8 minutes and Yoo PD makes TaeHyun and JoonYoung go back in like they agreed earlier. Instead, he’ll remove all the ghosts.

So TaeHyun clutches JunHo for dear life as the two of them make their way through the corridors (I’m dying at how they’re  so scared and how JunHo’s putting on a front for TaeHyun’s sake) followed by JoonYoung and Defconn, the latter of whom gets a deal out of this from JoonYoung – JoonYoung has to set him up on a date and even reserve a table at the restaurant. HEH.

The trip comes to a close, with TaeHyun and JoonYoung shivering to sleep in their tents. They even do an internet search, asking if there’re ghosts around the area. Heh!

I think I just burst a gut from laughing at this episode or something! My stomach hurts!!


Next Week!

An ice tour is prepared for the members to beat the heat!


8 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 187

  1. This was a fun episode. It was nice to see Junho/Defconn guiding the 2 scaredy cats accomplish their mission. Thanks for the recap!


  2. Really love your recaps. I always wait for it every Monday. Even if I have already watched the episode, I still read your recaps to know your reactions! This episode is really hilarious!


  3. Felt sorry for cha taehyun and jung joonyoung because they were really scared. But their segment was hilarious!!! Thanks for the recap 🙂
    Ps: donggu should just stay a klutz at ball games forever. Haha…


  4. I loved this episode and just like u I rly laughed so so much HAHAHA I felt so bad for cth tho he was so pissed off in the day with the heat followed by the scare at night hahaha but donggu is so adorable 💕 initially defconn was in his team but I think he wouldn’t have been able to bear the heat so donggu asked taehyun to join instead awwww they got so close after the best hit! hojin PD too heh I love how even though he’s not part of the show anymore he still makes these kind of appearances it’s so adorable 🙂 remember each member indeed


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