Peanut Bibim Noodles

Deukryang Island’s three brothers are back >_<
It’s been a while seeing this picture and it’s nice to see it again!!

Startled because of upgraded SeoJinnie-Ho…!

Therefore, it’s been renamed SeoJinnie Number 2 (SeoJinnie-2-Ho)
To make sure SeoJinnie Hyung isn’t lonely while he drives,
A well-positioned sofa and parasol has been installed for Eric and KyunSang!

As ever, Captain SeoJinnie’s steady piloting…

The first choice of the Three Brothers of Deukryang Island?

The one that’s refreshing in the hot summer – savoury sweet Bbim Noodles!
Since the essence of Bibim Noodles is the sauce…
Let’s start with making it!


Peanut Bibim Noodles:
(Ddang-kong Bi-bim Guk-su)

Bibim Sauce:

  1. Add 2 spoonfuls of Gochujang and 2 spoonful of soy sauce (ganjang).
  2. Add enough red pepper flakes.
  3. To make it sweeter, add sugar too.
  4. Add some plum extract (maeshil) and sesame seed oil too.
  5. For a sweeter and more savoury flavour, add finely grinded washed onions.
  6. Mix the sauce well.

Shall we make the noodles now that we’re in full swing?

Bibim Noodles Recipe:

  1. Boil a pot of water.
  2. Grind peanuts in an electronic mixer.
  3. After thinly slicing the radish, layer them and julienne.
  4.  Add vinegar to a bowl generously.
  5. Add more sweet sugar to it please.
  6. For a more refreshing taste, add carbonated water too.
  7. Add the cut radish into the mixture.
  8.  Soak the radish and allow the mixture to diffuse into it.
  9. If you put it in the refrigerator, the garnishing is done.
  10. When the water (in the pot) boils, add So-myeon.
    [Tip: A fifty cent amount of noodles is about one portion.]
    [E-cipe: When the water froths, if you add cold water to it, the expansion and contraction it makes the noodles go through makes it chewier.]
  11. Pour the cooked noodles into cold water.
    [E-cipe: Laundering the noodles in cold water with both hands leeches starch from the noodles and makes it taut.]
  12. Strain the noodles from the water.
  13. Place the strained noodles in the refrigerator to make it more refreshing(ly cold).
  14. To the pre-made bibim sauce, add the grinded peanuts.
    [E-cipe: Adding peanuts to Bibim Noodles instead of sesame seeds makes it more savoury.]
  15. Add the noodles and sesame oil to the sauce and mix well.
  16. Top it off with the pre-made radishes and julienned cucumbers.

+) Anyhow seasoned side dish “Deonjang Pepper” Recipe: 

  1. Slice the green peppers in moderate sizes.
  2. To a spoonful of homemade soybean paste (doenjang), add the peppers and sesame oil.
  3. If you mix it all up, it’s completed.


Eric’s cooking that we haven’t seen in a while!
Well, the taste…?

Mix it with your left hand, mix it with your right hand~

The devilish Bibim Noodles that SeoJinnie made while grinning!
It enters his mouth just like that!

The goddess has arrived!

“I’ve come to eat~” (Brightly)

The special guest that came to Deukryang Island in order to eat!

Next week on Friday at 9.50 at night,
Please look forward too to the Three Meals a Day recipe with Han JiMin!


6 thoughts on “Peanut Bibim Noodles

  1. I’ll give this recipe a try. Thanks for translating this as well. Love E-chef’s tip on putting cold water during the cooking to make the noodle chewy.

    “I’ve come to eat~” Can I too? lol


  2. Thank you for this! I saw Eric making this recipe and has been itching to try it… And I actually made it just now and I had to cook more somen for a second bowl because it was so good 😂 even though i did leave out some ingredients because I didn’t have them.

    This is perfect on a hot day like today!


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