Three Meals a Day Seaside Ranch Ep 1

Three Meals A Day Seaside Ranch Episode 1: Guest Han JiMin

Whoooohoooo!!!! It’s time for Three Meals a Day again with our favourite grouchy-pants SeoJinnie, his Chef Eric and giant slave KyunSang! They’re still having it at Deukryang Island, but this time, rather than in the winter, it’s taking place in the middle of scorching hot summer. E-chef, you better not buffer while cooking. You might get a heat stroke. Chop chop!

KyunSang’s first to arrive at the restaurant for their pre-shoot meal. Soon to be married Eric comes net and it’s adorable how taken KyunSang is with this Hyung. Eric shares that SeoJin’s one-liner was the one that really pushed him to propose to his fiancée (now wife) now instead of later – the old one had told him that if he doesn’t do it now while nearing his 40s, he’ll forget about it when he freshly turns a new decade and then he’ll feel the same nervous panic about having to get married soon later again when he’s nearing his 50s. So instead of getting married at 48, he’s getting married at 38.


Hehe, that unwitting guy finally arrives too and everyone notes how he looks so full of life. He obviously had a good sleep on the long journey here. Na PD wonders how he’s going to handle this season and SeoJin flippantly nods to Eric and says that he can do everything. HAHAHAHAHA. But we know Sir Grumpypants will end up doing everything. We all know.

We also know that Eric’s gonna be cooking a feast each meal which KyunSang’s going to inhale.

Another thing different this season is the appearance of guests, the very first of whom is nicknamed SeoJin Sniper – for the way she snipes at him to work and how she unabashedly brings up the old wizened one’s… oldness. HAHAHA. Han JiMin is AMAZING. And the childish and hilarious ways the two of them play reminds one of siblings.

Two weeks later, the trio gather at GoHeung again and their first stop is the gracery store on mainland. With their $40 advance, they buy a chunk of pork for a challenge and minced pork for their other dishes. SeoJin eyes some nuts and then tries to sneak a head of Kimchi away but Na PD has his eyes on them. So he turns his attention to some 1-for-1 rice cakes before heading out and wondering if the island in the distance is their precious Deukryang Island. He can’t even recognise it, pfft.


Ha, they’re a little startled when they see SeoJinnie-ho again, all because there’s an additional sofa installed but instead of facing the wide expanse in front of them, it’s positioned to face SeoJin. HAHAHA! They start to leave… and Eric jokes into the walkie-talkie that they’re going to Sorok Island instead.

Hehe, KyunSang laughs that the last time he was here, he was excited and his heart was fluttery, but now, he’s half-afraid and half-happy. With SeoJin’s steady piloting, they head towards the island and get chirpy like little birds when  they see a yellow car waiting for them – The new and improved Ericar!

OMG, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA, these fools can’t even get into the car without problems! They didn’t know that the handle to the back door was just positioned next to the window and thought it was a two-door car and tried to get to the back seat through the front.

After a very short drive, they arrive at the village centre again, where the village elders welcome them, happy to note that KyunSang the giant has grown even taller since they last saw him.

Around them, plants grow a lush green and bees buzz around huge bright flowers. Summer has come to Deukryang Island! They get off the car and drag their luggage up the familiar windy lane that leads to their compound, where the house with cozy rooms remains the same as ever. But this time, it’s equipped with a refrigerator and even a stroller for the cats.

SeoJin: “I was shocked! I thought we’d have to babysit too.”

Na PD, can you please make that come true? Hahaha.

While the two younger ones worry about their skin, SeoJin sits in the kitchen and looks up to see a swallow’s nest, filled with three very hungry chicks.  Haha, it’s right outside Eric and KyunSang’s room and when Eric comes out, though he’s amazed at it, it scares the mother bird.


The three guys sit for a bit and stare at the mama bird feeding her chicks. Then SeoJin says that it’ll be great if someone could do that for them too. Ha!

It’s time for lunch and KyunSang’s tasked with setting up the fire in the portable furnace. He forgets the steps and Captain SeoJin just rattles the procedure out. Already feeling the heat, Cap orders Eric to speed up this season. They already know about his ability to deliver delicious food last season, even if it takes hours. The heat will kill you if you do the same this season!

While KyunSang puts the noodles to boil (three portions only? But you eat 2 portions yourself!), Eric quickly makes the sauce for the Ground Peanut BibimCold Noodles and even makes the side dishes in a jiffy. At the same time, SeoJin builds the furnaces with KyunSang, at first worrying over the placement of it because they don’t want it too close to the house then giving up and just winging it because of the heat. But 4 years on the show is nothing to laugh at because without even measuring, the furnace fits their cauldron perfectly.

Eric calls them over mid-build for lunch and they are awed at the fact that they’re having their first meal together there again and how Eric’s now a married man when just the last time, he was single. Pfft, KyunSang unconsciously wonders when it’s SeoJin’s turn and SeoJin resolutely refuses to answer, only focused on slurping his noodles.


Then he asks what they’re doing after lunch.

Heh, he’s the first one to bring up work that they have to do and Na PD ominously tells him to go ahead because he has something to say later. KyunSang and Eric guess that they’re gonna have to farm too, but they put that aside for a bit and list the things they have to do now – wash the dishes, build the furnaces and set out the fish traps.

Hahahahaha, SeoJin pokes Eric to go set those traps out, arguing that he has the car after all. KyunSang’s left to make the furnaces and build the fire with Dishwashing Seo-genie washing the dishes.

Heh, the fires don’t help with the terrible heat and SeoJin takes KyunSang’s portable fan to use… only to find out that it doesn’t work. Pfffttt. But several hits later, he gets it to work and uses it while leaving KyunSang to use the manual fan.

Na PD takes this moment to introduce to them their new guest – someone who’s shared the same project with him, who had a love-line with SeoJin and has fair white skin. Enter… Jackson the goat. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Cackling here at how the goat’s refusing to move without food. SeoJin snaps that once it’s over, it’s over already! He’s not happy to see her at all! Who were you thinking of while smiling foolishly earlier then?

Na PD tells them that thanks to their track record of catching almost nothing from the sea last season, he’s changed the theme of this season from Fishing Village to Sea-side Ranch. And their job here is to raise livestock. Heh.


Out they go to check out Jackson’s Ranch and on the way, they meet Ruby and Diamond, Jackson’s two daughters along with Diamond’s two daughters. A little while later at the ranch, they find yet another two younger kids (barely 20 days old!) and learn that they’re Ruby’s daughter and son. So in conclusion, Jackson has got 2 daughters and 4 grandkids, that latter of whom SeoJin names after expensive bags (Kelly and Burkin)and rock stars (Edward and Alexandria). AHAHA!

Eric picks up a baby goat and cuddles it while KyunSang comes over to pet it as Seojin just grins from the side.

Na PD tells them that their job every morning to milk the goats, pasteurise them and pack them in bottles for the village elders. For every bottle they pack, he’ll give them $1. KyunSang’s responsible for that, along with feeding the goats. Hehe. KyunSang asks if goat milk is okay to drink and Na PD brags that goat’s milk is actually the highest priced milk of all kinds in the market.

And that catches the Business Management Major’s ears.

SeoJin: “If you say that it’s the most prized but you’re only giving us that much, aren’t you being too much?!” HAHAHA. “Make it $2! $1 for pasteurizing and $1 for milking!” That’s an increase in selling price of 100%!


Na PD has to give in in the end, but he’ll only pay for the milk that they haven’t drunk. They’re only allowed to milk Jackson and Diamond for now because Ruby’s still feeding her kids.

KyunSang’s shown how to milk Jackson and he picks it up real fast. He gets around 5 litres from Jackson and Eric gets about 5 litres from Diamond. Meanwhile, SeoJin plays around with dried flowers and feeds the goats.

While the men are busy with the goats, back on mainland, the real guest arrives – Actress Han JiMin!

Ha, in her pre-shoot interview with Na PD, she straightforwardly asks why they chose her.  She knows both SeoJin and Eric well and shares how genius SeoJin always acts like work is a bother but always, always comes on set completely prepared with all his lines memorised. She almost sent the guys a little hint that she’s coming but thankfully, that’s blocked by Na PD.

JiMin’s first destination is the local supermarket where she buys 4 chickens and ingredients for Japchae. Then she gets on the boat to Deukryang Island and takes pictures of the wide expanse before her, her heart beating with excitement and nervousness.

After taking a picture with SeoJinnie-Ho, she boards a mini-van and heads towards the village community house just as the boys come back on their way from the goats’ pen. She barely manages to hide before they find her existence.

Instead of thinking about JiMin, the three of them are wondering how to pasteurise goat’s milk.

Well, that’s easy.

First, you filter it with a strainer and cloth, then pour them into sterilized bottles. Sit those filled bottled in 65 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes then cool them in cold water to complete.

KyunSang and Eric start work on that immediately after arriving at the compound while SeoJin goes off to have a drink. He only comes to help when KyunSang can’t get the little bit of milk at the bottom of the dispenser through the tap. Using his brain, he just upends the entire dispenser’s content into the last bottle, hehe.


They put the milk to pasteurize in the pasteurizing machine and when it’s done, it’s put into the refrigerator at the pavilion where the elders all gather, free for them to take whenever they want. On the island where milk is scarce, it’s a treat.

Heheh, JiMin arrives at the town center and sees the picture the boys took with the villagers last year, her attention caught by the picture of the giant baby among all the people. She keeps calling him cute, then the smitten-aunt calls her sister in Australia to video chat with her nephew.

It’s time for dinner and Na PD asks Chef what he’s got planned. He laughs that if they start making it at 9, if they go with the oven-baked slab of meat (that takes 2 hours) or if they cooked their rice in the cauldron (that takes 1 hour) and he makes the Doenjang stew he’d planned to make… and Na PD exclaims that it means that they’re probably eating dinner at 3am.

Hee, Farmhand KyunSang is tempted to drink the milk, but their Distribution Manager snaps that they have to sell it. They can’t just drink it any ol’ how! So he orders Na PD to buy one (for them). Pfft.


It’s time for JiMin to appear and she does while they’re all scratching their mosquito bites.

Pffft, SeoJin’s reaction is the most hilarious, just calmly going “Oh my, I was shocked”, when he sees her standing at the entrance. Eric even thought she was IU instead while KyunSang, who’s never seen her before, greets her awkwardly.

SeoJin’s the first to welcome her (why is he so happy?), but he does so so familiarly like he’s welcoming his favourite toy. He even asks her if she would like some goat’s milk… and demands $2 for a bottle. Heh.

Eric sends KyunSang out to offer her a choice between two drinks and while the two guys laugh awkwardly, SeoJin just relaxes and laughs that rather than a precious guest, JiMin’s just like his neighbourhood sister.

JiMin: “Who’s living in the same neighbourhood? Don’t act like you know me (well)!

SeoJin: “Don’t you live in the neighbourhood anymore?! Did you move houses?”

Pffft. He doesn’t even know his neighbours.

Eric guesses that they’re going to be a lot more talkative with her around but instead, KyunSang’s off fanning the flames alone because he’s shy. Koong’s shy too, but JiMin isn’t deterred and goes to play with him. KyunSang tries to find Mong but that cat’s disappeared somewhere in some hole.

Over time, we see how JiMin’s outgoing personality melts the barriers surrounding KyunSang and his cats and how it earns their adoration. She even connects with Chef about getting insomnia over worrying about food as she unpacks the side dishes that her mother packed for them. And SeoJin immediately defends them from Na PD.

KyunSang mans the oven they’d just made and he worries when he sees smoke billowing out of it like that’s what it’s meant to do. SeoJin just says that it’s normal and orders him to keep going at it while he peels potatoes with Chef Eric. Then he complains about JiMin walking around with Koong in her arms like a tourist in a resort. Sir Grumpypants never stops grumbling.


Finally, JiMin settles beside Eric and asks if they’re always like this – so quiet even though it’s a shoot. Yeah. Heh. She then goes to SeoJin who’s sulking while peeling garlic. Around them, KyunSang measures the temperature of the oven and the pasteurising milk with his infra-red thermometer. Then he measures himself (36.5oC) and Na PD’s stomach (32.2oC) before deciding that he needs a rest.

Eric scores the pork belly and seeing the little piece of pork, JiMin wonders if it’s enough for them to share. Having overheard that, SeoJin starts negotiating with Na PD for $15 worth more of pork and they get it.

Chef stir fries some onion for the meat and SeoJin’s all wide smiles when the meat pieces go in. JiMin converses with KyunSang, who’s still so awkward with her that he can’t look at her in the eyes. On the other hand, SeoJin is comfortable making small talk with JiMin, talking about her grandma and everything like the old friends they are.


After the pork goes into the oven to roast, Eric prepares for his Doenjang Stew and starts off with his usual basic stock.

Over time, KyunSang gets comfortable enough to talk to JiMin and brings up how they’d once met 10 years ago, when he was her fan and she was his idol. He’s in awe at how she hasn’t aged at all and laughs when she addresses SeoJin using “Ajusshi”. HEHE!

Time passes and the work that they have to do ends. All they can do now is wait for the pork to be done. It’s a closed oven that they have now and so they have no idea how the pork will turn out. Gathering all their strengths, they send it their well wishes with JiMin and the two younger guys beaming it goodwill from their palms. *Snort* JiMin orders SeoJin to do the same but he just mutters that he’ll curse.

Despite SeoJin’s tsundere reaction, the pork turns out really well, soft and moist with enough chew. Again, another success of Chef Eric’s!

Finally, the four of them gather for dinner and once more, they’re feasting on the efforts of Chef Eric. JiMin notes that the raving success of the last season was mostly thanks to Eric’s skilful cooking and can’t help but be surprised at how fast he cooked today. Ha, SeoJin insists that Eric really was faster today because they used to eat only after 12 before and swears that this time, if he didn’t get dinner by 10.30, he’d be off to the nearest restaurant already.

In the middle of dinner, KyunSang suddenly brings up how SeoJin was limping earlier and Halbae SeoJin groans that with age, his knees are failing him. HAHAHA, JiMin jokes that he won’t be able to do Grandpa Over Flowers at this rate anymore and SeoJin says he’ll be the grandpa instead, pffft. KyunSang will be the luggage boy. I look forward to seeing him mess up!


JiMin wonders who in that programme SeoJin was really close to and SeoJin suddenly turns it on her and says her. HEEE. Some ridiculous reporter had put out news that JiMin is SeoJin’s closest female friend and she complains about how he used to call her a hobbit’s descendent back in the days and how Eric used to call her Booger. Pfft.

Seeing her all upset, SeoJin tries to salvage the situation and says that she’s taller now so she’s not a Hobbit’s descendent anymore (that’s not making it any better!) and argues that she should work with not-so-tall actors because otherwise her dramas will fail. Heh, JiMin whines that there’s no such thing anymore now and then goes on to talk about how he used to make life so hard for her.

During crying scenes, when she went all out, he’d tease her for crying so hard and Eric used to give her ridiculous ideas to get her tears flowing. SeoJin reminisces at how JiMin and him used to get 40% rating in their drama and needles her to do another project with him before he turns 50.

KyunSang’s her total fan and both JiMin and KyunSang wish to be SeoJin in their next life, since he’s so cool the way he just lives his own life his way. They wonder what kind of speeches he’ll give if he becomes a professor and topics range from: “Grumbling Guide” to “How to survive through the curses”.


They realise that there’s more stew left and SeoJin offers to make JiMin more food. What? SeoJin’s offering to work???

Hahaha, they’re all so honoured that KyunSang volunteers to light the fire and Eric offers to give the instructions. JiMin’s having the time of her life teasing and filming him. Hehe, Eric looks like this is heaven for him as he lies and watches SeoJin move around.

The base’s supposed to bubble and boil but it doesn’t… SeoJin doesn’t care and just adds the noodles and once it’s done he looks expectantly as Eric has his first bite. They declare that it’s not so bad and happily slurp on Doenjang Ramyeon.And JiMin tells him to do it again tomorrow.

SeoJin: “Can’t you please go home tomorrow?!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! She’s the only one other than Choi JiWoo who can get him to do anything.

It’s time to sleep and while SeoJin showers, the two younger men sigh at the wonder that is JiMin.


Next Week!

The bickering between JiMin and SeoJin continues.


15 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day Seaside Ranch Ep 1

  1. Thanks a lot for the recap!
    So happy for the trio reunion. They’re amazing together.
    Tho I don’t welcome having guests, but Na PD’s choice of Han Jimin is much appreciated as she’s close to Eric & Seojin. Eric is really shy with strangers lol so thank you PD Na 😀


  2. Han Jimin: “I’ve come to eat~” hahaha she sure watched 3MAD before coming!

    Love E-chef’s tip on putting cold water during the cooking to make the noodle chewy.

    Didn’t Eric tell Kyunsang when they retired to their room for the night that Han Jimin is the only celebrity (aside from Choi Ji Woo) can troll/boss Seojin hahahaha Can these Seojin, Eric & Han Jimin do a drama together please?


      1. I only know about rinsing it with cold water after the noodle is done but didn’t know about adding during cooking. I’m a failed cook hahaha

        yeah but it’s obvious Choi Jiwoo is another one that can make Seojin work. Though Han Jimin is quite good with trolling.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. NIce episode. I never thought Eric is really close with Han Ji Min. They spoke very comfortably. How I wish Na PD make Han JI Min as permanent cast. Honestly, I found Seo Jin is a bit lonely since Eric and Kyun Sang really close on set and share some talks between two of them while Seo Jin is closer to Na PD. Maybe because of age different? Not sure. But from the first episode of last season, I could see Kyun Sang becoming closer to Eric so with Han Ji Min around, Seo Jin won’t lonely anymore heee…. On the hand, I would love to see Eric and Han JI Min interaction more. I know he’s taken but nice to see him with another close friend.


    1. I think it’s the age different + both Eric & Kyunsang love pets + rooming together helps these 2 bond more. You got one vote from me for making Han Jimin a permanent cast this season (though Seojin has to his room for her hahaha).

      Not sure if it’s editing, but how I wish they show a bit more interaction between Eric & Han jimin. I like that little joke they had while Eric was prepping the meal earlier in the day. They looked so comfy chatting and Han Jimin was comfy with Eric to chat in banmal. But it looks like they’re pushing for Seojin & Jimin chemi, not romantic chemi but bro-sis kind. This kinda interaction is nice to see even if Eric is married. They had such a fun time filming Korea Secret Agency if you see the behind the scene clips. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love to see more Eric and Kyun Sang brotherhood. Na PD should realize how sweet and warm this two towards each other. Eric takes care of Kyunsang while the maknae show respect and love for the second hyung. Not only to Kyunsang, Eric also love his cats. How I wish they show eric and kyunsang chatting so we may know what they’re talking about lol


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