Haeshin-tang: Chicken and Seafood Soup

Is the dish that Chef Han will cook Samgyetang…???
What kind of noise is this…?

E-chef who’s giving nervous Chef Han some tips!
Eating with whatever ingredients there are is the spirit of Three Meals a Day~

The incident(?) that nervous Chef Han created is really like that…

Fresh milk freshly squeezed from Jackson’s Ranch
Milky-skin goddess prettily portions evenly…
Even sticking on Jackson Logo stickers…

Presenting the village elders with the gift every morning…

And the generous village residents returned in kind
with Side Dishes and Cooking Ingredients – the truth!!!

That’s how (we got) fresh crabs and conches!!!

And with the un-rusty stills of the net,
the huge octopus that was caught!!!!!!


That’s how the menu upgraded to the restorative Haeshintang 🙂


Chicken and Seafood Soup

  1. Fry ginko nuts with oil in a frying pan and peel the skin.
  2.  Wash trimmed raw chicken in water.
  3. Wash the ginseng well with water.
  4. Twist the chicken neck and hide it in the cavity.
  5. Stuff the chicken’s cavity with glutinous rice, ginko nuts, garlic, chestnuts and jujube.
  6. Lastly, cut the ginseng in half and add.
  7. Close the cavity-opening at the back of the chicken.
  8. Tie the two legs of the chicken together to ensure that the stuffing doesn’t come out.
  9. Wash the octopus well in flour.
  10. Wash the flour off the octopus with running water.
  11. Add the herbal packets along with Dashima, garlic, jujube, spring onions into water (to boil) to make soup.
  12. Wash and clean the crabs too.
  13. Once the broth boils, remove the Dashima and prepared chickens.
  14. Season with pepper.
  15. Cover (the pot) and wait until the chickens are cooked.
  16. In boiling water, blanch the octopus.
  17. In the water used to blanch the octopus, add doenjang and mix well.
  18. Cook the conch in that doenjang flavoured water.
  19. Slice the blanched octopus thinly.
  20. In the boiling Samgyetang, add the crabs and leave to boil again.
  21. Remove the conch from their shells and cut to appropriate sizes.
  22. Place the chicken, crab, octopus and conch in a bowl and top off with the soup/broth.
  23. Lastly, garnish with blanched chives and Haeshintang is completed!


Even just looking at it makes one feel full…☆
It means that tonight’s dinner is really restorative!

Chef Han who tries the cooking that she’s confident of.
Shining eyes +ㅁ+ wide-open taste!

For Chef Han who worked hard


삼시세끼 바다목장편 2화 가편.wmv_012538.976.jpg


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