Three Meals a Day Seaside Ranch Ep 2

Three Meals a Day Seaside Ranch Episode 2: Guest, Han JiMin (Part 2)

Annyeong! It’s a brand new day. The air is fresh, the plants are green and JiMin’s the first to wake up. Her first act is to make her bed (that’s a good habit. I don’t even do that). Then she goes off to wash her face and call out to Mong. She’s already all washed up and changed but the men are still dead to the world.

She spots the tons of dishes that they left last night and gets to work cleaning them, worried about waking the boys the whole time. Pwahahaha, she suddenly complains that it’s too hot – it’s already 31 degrees Celsius even though it’s only in the morning.

Finally, at 8.30 am, KyunSang’s alarm rings and he’s shocked to see JiMin already outside. Like a real Noona, she just tells him to go wash up and prepare for the day. The washing area gets clogged, so she easily fixes it while Eric wakes up and is equally as shocked that she’s up already.


KyunSang prepares to go feed and clean up after the goats and seeing how Eric’s going too, JiMin asks after the “ahjusshi”. Hahahaha. Talking about that guy… he’s completely out cold. Hehe. Cooking a dish last night took too much of his energy. Aigoo, this Halbae.

So the three young ones head off to Jackson’s ranch and JiMin’s thrilled to have an air-conditioned car now. I know. Korea in summer is like Hell. At least they don’t have to milk the goats now – they can do it in the evening.

Off Ericar goes, towards the Seaside Ranch where the goats wait and the three in there are so thankful for the air-conditioner that they don’t wanna get out. What’s even better is the view that greets them on the way. Hahaha, they take the long way round just because they don’t want to get out and KyunSang discovers more of the island that he didn’t know before. And they unanimously agree that SeoJin probably won’t even know about the village on the other side of the island to the very end of the season, HA!


But there’s no escaping work and finally, they reach the goats, where Alex and Edward are feeding. KyunSang’s shocked by the amount of poop he has to clean and JiMin volunteers to help. The three of them feed the goats and release them from their pen to graze on the grass outside. While the older goats feed on hay, the two kids hop around as JiMin watches over them, smitten.

She must really love animals because she never leaves them alone, always trying to feed them or always walking behind them as they run off. KyunSang has no time for that because he has to clean the poop. HAHAHA.

Sometime later, the pen’s cleared of poop and they prepare water for the goats and lead them back to the pen. The end of work!

Pfft, Eric can’t leave the kids alone and pulls one out from the pen, earning a very dissatisfied “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!!!” in the process.

Back to the compound they go after that, where SeoJin’s already awake.

JiMin brings out the electronic fan from her room and sighs that it’s so hot, so can’t they each have a bottle of goat’s milk in the morning? SeoJin just responds by passing her the stickers to stick on the bottles. LOL.

Then when she sees him peeling the carrots, she laughs that it’s such an unfamiliar sight. Heh. Hey, Sir Grumpypants does work! He makes a refreshing shake for all of them to share then walks off to the pavilion with JiMin to deliver the goat’s milk.

What is that background music? “She’s been drinking too much eggnog~” Even the background music is amusing! Hurr. Brought to you by Na PD Productions.

The elderlies giggle and stay away when SeoJin tells them to help themselves and though he worries that they don’t look interested in it, the moment the two of them leave they reach for the milk and deliciously enjoy it.


Because it’s so hot, they agree to just count SeoJin’s vegetable shake as their breakfast and take on Na PD’s offer to have a huge lunch to make up for it.

As they work, JiMin laughs that KyunSang is really suffering – he’s lighting the fire under the hot, scorching sun. But there’s no other way around it if they want it easy in the evening. SeoJin knows what they’re talking about and sighs that it’s been so long since he slept on the ground. JiMin asks why he sleeps with so many pillows stacked up and Eric laughs when JiMin says he should just sleep in the car and adds that SeoJin can turn the air-conditoner on too.

Eric asks KyunSang if he (Eric) snored last night and the giant baby just simply replies that snores came from both sides. Hee.

Time passes and JiMin’s back starts to ache. Eric goes off to get a giant welsh onion and start cooking.

Already familiar to his ways, KyunSang’s got a pot of water ready and puts it on to boil along with the roots of the welsh onion. Chop chop chop chop goes Eric as he slices up the numerous vegetables. Without buffering or hesitating at all, E-chef quickly prepares the beansprout soup.


JiMin takes responsibility for chopping the vegetables and says: “I can do it well!” Then “actually, I’m bad at it,” just as a piece of carrot rolls off her board, HAHAHAHAHHAA! When placed side by side, the difference in knife-skills between her and Eric is obvious, but at least she gets the job done. With those vegetables, Eric cooks their fried rice.

Next up to cook is their Tomato and Egg side dish which JiMin makes under the shade with the help of the portable furnace. In no time (they’re really fast this season), lunch is ready. Beansprout soup, Fried Rice with Tomatoes and Eggs and a lot of side dishes! As usual, Eric’s dishes are very well received. Hehe, KyunSang looks like he’s in heaven.

They make small talk, which includes SeoJin telling JiMin to take her hat off and her refusing to. JiMin then says that she really wants to ride the electric scooter later and Na PD offers SeoJin for dishwashing. And when she asks him if he wants her to wipe the food off, he laughs at her addressing him as “Sunbae-nim” only at times like this.

After lunch, it’s time for KyunSang to go tend to the goats again. JiMin walks down to the pavilion too for her electric scooter and chats with the grannies there, telling them to drink the milk because they’re gonna get more later. Then, she rides along the shoreline, almost crashing into a wall midway, HA!

Finally, she gets a hang of it and enjoys herself, though she admits that her butt hurts.

Once she’s done sightseeing, she joins the elderlies in enjoying the shade of the trees and watches them play cards. Heh, when she gets back and sees SeoJin washing the dishes, she’s mockingly impressed and takes photos to commemorate this once in a blue moon occurrence of him working.

When Koong’s too busy lazing in his room, JiMin looks for games to play and finds a weird hat that dispenses water when the right stick is pulled out of it. HAHAHAH, the very first stick SeoJin pulls out leads the hat to soak JiMin. And SeoJin can’t stop laughing. Annoyed, she makes them go for another round and again, she is it. On the third round, she finally gets him. They’re really like kids!


Having had enough of the stupid heat, SeoJin gathers them all to go play. Armed with their gears, they head to their favourite fishing spot on SeoJin’s boat. JiMin’s the happy pill that keeps taking pictures while the other men play along.

Hurr, Eric warns the others not to expect any fish and KyunSang agrees. Meanwhile… JiMin: “I wanna catch fish!”

SeoJin’s already forgotten about all that and has stripped to go snorkelling. The others join him too and while Eric splashes around, KyunSang just stands up, half of his tall frame already out of the water. Before they can even try fishing, the sun’s already beckoning them home. Once again, another fun day’s nearing its end.

They go check out the nets Eric set out the day earlier and JiMin eagerly wishes for an octopus. Even before she came, she already had her heart set on making “Hae-shin-tang”, which is Chicken and Seafood Soup, the dish that definitely needs an octopus to complete.


They find nothing in the nets and one of them’s even stuck. They can’t get it out and KyunSang reluctant to part, wondering if there’s an octopus in it. (Yes, there is.) But go, they must, because it’s time to milk the goats.

JiMin wants to go too but SeoJin barks that she has to come prepare dinner (with him) and she whine-begs Chef Eric to please come back quick.

SeoJin: “There’s me! I originally was the one who cooked well!” Uh huh. Wanna watch Season 1 and 2 again?

They spilt at the pavilion as usual and SeoJin finds a bag of crabs and conches in the refrigerator there, left by one of the elders in return for the milk. We see how the elders leave various foodstuffs in there over the days and how the guys get excited over all those.

They present those to JiMin (there really are a lot) and while she’s thankful, she stutters… “I can’t. I have no confidence.” Aw, you can do it! But she’s so worried that she bugs Eric for help with every step and doesn’t let him go until the very moment KyunSang calls him to go to the goats with him.

Haha, JiMin hears how KyunSang addresses himself as “appa” when talking to his cats and giggles.

I guess SeoJin must have let her go because she follows the two men on her electric scooter to the goats too. Pfft, the two of them miss the entrance.

KyunSang shows JiMin how to milk Jackson, throwing the first squeeze out, and how to grip the nipple properly. LOL, when JiMin dodges Jackson’s kick, Eric praises her… and says she did well in protecting the milk. Ha.

5 minutes later, JiMin heads back to the house to prepare dinner and Eric stares at Jackson munching on the hay. Pfft, he wonders what’s so delicious about it and asks KyunSang if he wants to try hay. KyunSang would rather eat Samgyetang, still unaware that there’s an octopus waiting for them in their net to turn that Samgyetang into Haeshintang.

SeoJin gets news of that while spraying bug spray. (While changing camera batteries, one of the staff discovered the octopus.) HAHAHAH, he runs off after it like he just found gold and meets JiMin on the way. The two of them hurry to the nets, eager to get to the octopus before it gets away.


They didn’t have to run though, because the net’s already been pulled up for them. JiMin screams that she can’t touch something that big but then immediately puts her hand into the net when there’s nothing else to use to get it out. Then SeoJin goes to poke the octopus too when JiMin questions his manliness. So childish these two…

They head back home, feeling like they’d just received an Olympic medal.

SeoJin orders her to start cooking and the two of them get right down to work. JiMin’s not allowed to be intimidated by the size of the octopus!

She washes the chicken she got from the supermarket while SeoJin fries the ginkos and peels them. Hahah, she mutters, a little confused at some of the steps, which doesn’t go past SeoJin’s ears. She asks if he was looking forward to a female guest and if she’s not a woman to him which is why he’s doing this to her and he calls her a host, not even a guest. That’s why he’s not ashamed at all to make her work.

She’s confused about what she has to stuff in the chicken and starts talking to the cameraman and SeoJin asks if she’s talking to the chicken. When he asks her if he’s got enough chives, she doesn’t know and just leaves it to his judgement. HAHAHA.


Eric and KyunSang come back from milking the goats and Eric mutters that he’s thankful that someone else is cooking this time. They’ve heard about the octopus and KyunSang’s hilariously impressed by how SeoJin’s got the fire in the furnace raging. SeoJin’s just worried about chicken-talking JiMin and asks if she’s nervous because she just called him “Oppa” and she’s like “I must have been crazy”. Rewind… and we see that she NEVER called him Oppa. HAHAHA.

As usual, KyunSang mans the fire and Eric’s happy to just be assistant today and washes the octopus and plucks a welsh onion. He helps JiMin with the chicken while SeoJin and KyunSang work on pasteurising the milk again. The two kitties in the room hop around, a little bored and Mong plays then chews and spits out a dragonfly.

Once the broth’s boiling, they add the chicken and their last seasonings.

KyunSang just focuses on his milk and by now, he’s comfortable with JiMin that he’s able to pick dirt off her chin with his bare hands. Eric prettily blanches the octopus in boiling water then fills the leftover water with conches to cook while JiMin washes the chopping board and other pots.

KyunSang goes to see his cats and is worried when Mong keeps purring, concerned that it’s because he’s too hot. Heh, JiMin calls Eric over and tries to get him to slice the octopus according to some picture she found online. In the end, she just does it herself and does a pretty good job of it.

Finally, the chickens are nearly done cooking and Eric opens the pot to add the crabs.

KyunSang takes a look, and mouth-watering, he calls it a “bloody expensive and delicious soup”.

The conches are done and KyunSang’s heart is already fluttering at the thought of eating dinner.


Finally, FINALLY, the chicken and crabs are done and both are lifted out of the cauldron of all things good. JiMin adds octopus to the plates too and tops it off with the soup. OH MAI GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They have one chicken and one crab each. THIS IS A FEAST! A FEAST, YOU KNOW! *Droooooooooooools*

Hah, they ask the chef what they should eat first and she’s so nervous that she says, “the sauce”.

Thankfully, the chicken is tender and to SeoJin’s taste. JiMin loves the skin and KyunSang loves the soup. Eric is just happy that he didn’t have to cook and dinner’s still delicious.

Eish. How long are they going to show them eating. What about me?!

Haha, JiMin asks SeoJin if it’s delicious and he just soullessly agrees, earning him hits. He asks if she originally was the kind of person to want praises like he doesn’t know people at all and she asks for a round of cheers.

KyunSang admits that when she first came, he was a little flustered because the other two Hyungs knew her well but he didn’t and was shy. It’s amusing how she didn’t know. But because she was such a nice Noona, he really warmed up to her well.

It was all so nice and heartwarming… until SeoJin gets jealous. Hurr.

A neighbourhood cat comes over and cat-lovers JiMin and KyunSang try to feed it, cooing over its kittens. Then KyunSang accidentally calls JiMin “Hyung”. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You got too comfortable, KyunSang-ie.

The two of them head into KyunSang’s room where he finds cat-sunglasses and the two of them have fun dressing up the cats and taking pictures.



Next Week!

PATBINGSU!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lee JeHoon!



Bonus: Even when she’s just eating, SeoJin can’t help but tease JiMin. Pfffft.


9 thoughts on “Three Meals a Day Seaside Ranch Ep 2

  1. lol so they took a longer way to get to the ranch because they want to enjoy the air conditioning. No wonder! I was wondering why it took them so long compare to last time from EP.1.

    It’s a good and balanced episode. Thanks so much for the recap.


  2. By “missed the entrance” you mean the two lost their way? That’s how JiMin was there first? Hahaha!!

    Such a fun episode! Thanks for the caps!

    I’m also a bit worried if viewers will think they took too long with the splashing around scenes.


    1. Lol, yeah. They’d talked about how embarrassing that was too.

      Splashing around scenes?? They weren’t long at all for me that’s for sure. When I started watching this programme, I knew I’d be watching people doing nothing much. So it was fun rather than tedious. I guess everyone’d be the same.


  3. I don’t know but I found how Seo Jin treats Han Ji Min rather makes me uncomfortable to watch. No matter how many times they bicker, but I feel Han JI Min looks more comfy whenever other two brothers around especially if there is Eric. I think Lee Seo Jin becomes too agressive towards her lol….


    1. ?? Nah, he just doesn’t see her as a lady, like, at all. He doesn’t treat her like a gentleman unlike the other two who are much gentler to her. SeoJin’s too comfy with her and she’s comfy enough to tease him and even hit him. I’d say the two of them are matched.


  4. Another fun episode. I saw that some viewers want next guest should be Jung Yumi. I hope she will though she’s busy with upcoming drama. Yumi is such a lovely girl. I love to see her in more variety shows. She was cute in Yoon kitchen. And in 3MAD, it has Lee Seo Jin and Eric. So, I think it will be perfect combo. But I hope more screen time for the cats. I miss their cuteness.


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