3MAD SSR Comments Ep 3

[Osen via Naver] ‘Three Meals a Day Lee SeoJin → Han JiMin Affectionate Method, what is this flutter(ing heart)?

[1152, -34] Han JiMin might not be able to be a fixed regular, but I want to keep seeing her.

[926, -28] They don’t meld~ He looks more like a Eldest Bro and his cute littlest sister. Or a dad who’s a fool for his daughter.

[825, -27] The two of them are so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[655, -26] Ah, I like Han JiMin so much.



[My Daily via Naver] ‘Three Meals a Day’ viewer ratings 9.8%, Han JiMin goes and Lee JeHoon comes.

[1613, -50] It’s plain format is so good! Even the people watching it become so relaxed and unknowingly feel like they’re on a holiday for a moment. ㅋㅋ But once Lee SeoJin and Han JiMan (sic) come, their idle/funny different actions are so funny. ㅋㅋ

[1317, -107] Han JiMin’s aftereffect is too great~

[1278, -166] What do you mean Lee JeHoon’s come… I’m waitingㅎ

[925, -119] Lee JeHoon cute. I’m waiting.

[625, -100] Only the hot male and female stars come huh ㅋㅋ.




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