Beansprout Bulgogi and Beancurd Dregs Stew

콩불과 비지찌개

Last week,
A handsome man’s (= Lee JeHoon) arrival
created a buzz at Deukryang Island!
Ah, ah~ Han JiMin left and Lee JeHoon’s come☆

A man who’s warm from top to toe
He bought lots of presents
and entered Deukryang House!

“Hello sunbae-nim!
I brought the peanuts you wanted!! (bright)”


A while later

Eo mong~
JeHoon who’s become an empty peanut machine

Like that without a word, it’s the start of the Labour. Hell.
It’s the start of peeling a lot of peanuts (Doo-doong)

As much as you work,
Eat as much as you work!!!!!!!!!!

For JeHoon who worked hard
The three brothers who bring restorative cooking!


Today’s Menu
☆콩불과 비지찌개☆
(Kong-Bul and Bi-ji Jji-gae)

In full swing, let’s start with making the marinade!

  1. Add one spoonful of soy sauce and 5 big spoonfuls of gochujang.
  2. Sprinkle chili flakes and add 2 spoonfuls of minced garlic.
  3. Add a spoonful of Maeshil Extract and mix to complete E-chef’s Soybean Beansprout Bulgogi marinade!
  4. In a plastic bag, add the meat and marinade and mix together.
  5. Leave the well mixed meat aside to marinade.
  6. Trim the beansprouts to be used to prepare.
  7. Julienne scallions.
  8. Slice the long julienned scallions to shorter pieces!
  9. Slice the top of the scallions for garnish to prepare too.
  10. Add oil to the fry pan.
  11. Kong-bul’s first flare! Add the marinated meat.
  12. Add the crispy beansprouts too.
  13. Add the scallions and perilla leaves generously too.
  14. Fry until the beansprouts wilt.
  15. If you add the scallions (to garnish), it’ll wrap it up!
  16. Spicy sweet Beansprout Bulgogi is completed!


This is not the end~!

Besides spicy-sweet Beansprout Bulgogi
The recipe for unrivaled savoury Beancurd Dregs will start!


  1. Fry the meat in a fry pan.
  2. Cut up kimchi and add it to the pork that’s still frying.
  3. Shake it shake it stir-fry it diligently~ Stir fry~
  4. In the pan that’s frying well, add a bowl of water.
  5. For a little seasoning, add a bit of soy sauce.
  6. Until it boils and bubbles, cover ti with a lid and wait!
  7. Prepare the secret weapon – beancurd dregs.
  8. To boiling stew, add the dregs!
  9. Stir and diffuse the dregs.
  10. Add zuchinni that’s been cut too.
  11. Now, just wait for all the ingredients to cook~
  12. Easy, natural, shaivowy and spicy Beancurd Dregs Stew is completed!


Wanna steal this feast…
Healthy and rich three meals a day dinner feast
is properly completed!!!!!!

Waited a long time~
without delay, just enter the mouths-

JeHoon who tasted it?!


This… what is this?
(The moving taste that he’s eating for the first time since he was born)

JeHoon who can’t stop admiring.


Proud E-chef

Two bowls is a basic for a real man!
The end of Deukryang Island’s 4 brothers’ dinner~~~


Next week, what dishes will there be
to make the table legs squeak!!!!!!!!!!

Looking so forward to itㅠㅠㅠ



3 thoughts on “Beansprout Bulgogi and Beancurd Dregs Stew

  1. Peeps are you ok and well?… we havent heard from you for a very long time.. i hope everyhing is ok and you are just busy.. take good care..


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