Just Between Lovers Ep 15

MoonSoo’s little head starts to remember things she’s suppressed and unwanted surprises of all kinds spring up on our couple. JooWon gets a reminder before it’s too late, thankfully. KangDoo’s really busy this episode.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 14

We’re heading into the final stretch! And it’s time for everyone to come to terms with their pasts and work towards the future, though some revelations might be too earth shattering and need some time to recover from.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 13

Mom’s reeling from feeling betrayed, and everything comes to a head with her grief as she confronts her family. But this time, it may prove too much for MoonSoo to hold back and she starts questioning if it’s okay to be happy. But the effects of the collapse run deeper than expected and there are more victims than those under it’s rubble.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 12

Cute puppies abound, but pain still lingers around.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 11

Just Between Lovers Episode 11:

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Just Between Lovers Ep 10

Just like the tides, meeting people is all about timing. So if no one steps forward, we might miss each other till the end. And what a pity, because there’s nothing like being with the ones you love.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 9

They said meat, vegetables and such are food for the stomach. Then companionship, friendship and love must be food for the soul. Run all you want, but I will hunt you down.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 8

Everybody say WHEEEEEEE!!!!! The little seeds of love might have planted itself in our adorable puppies’ heart, but a big bad with an axe comes threatening to chop down what hasn’t even grown yet. Boo! As always, no one can see the big bad because it’s just life and its annoying one-two punchy ways.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 7

Peace and war. Both happen this episode.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 6

There’s just way too much pain and thankfully, KangDoo and MoonSoo finally find someone who helps keep it all manageable. Don’t be scared to scream when you want to scream, because I will still go to the ends of the world to be you.

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