I am not dead!

*Why is life being like this?*

Hi all!!!!! It’s been a while, I know and I’m SO SORRY. Lol, I never thought I would actually forgo 1 Night 2 Days Recaps.

To be honest, it’s been a hectic month for me and between dying while doing recaps and living but not doing recaps, I obviously chose the latter, hehehe… I admit that I haven’t even watched the episodes since the last one I recapped. It’s like I basically just come home to collapse. And OMG, WordPress has changed a bit since I was gone…

Anyway, this is just a note to let you know that I’m okay and thanks to Worrier, Kalisha Adrieanna, Seabreeze, Kennedy Rose and Halfmoon for all the concerns.

I’ll be back ASAP. 🙂

Feedback post

Ever wanted to say something that didn’t fit in any of the previous posts?

Wanted to praise me, love me or be my sister/brother? Haha, I kid.

Wanted to scream at me, complain that I’m too sassy (please, even then, I ain’t ever gonna change for you) or whine about how I’m crazy?

Then this is the post!

It’s been a month since I’ve opened this blog and I really wanna express my gratitude for all the love shown here.

Since this is my first time blogging/ operating a website, I super-welcome any advice, comments, squealing, fan-girling, crazy antics and everything (except spam-bots and flaming. Arson is a punishable crime, I’ll have you know).

Whatever it is, if you have something to say, leave it here!

Have a nice day!


(Oh right, go ahead and share this website with anyone you want. Just don’t steal my contents!)