Unnies IMPcap Ep 13

My kind of girls~

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Unnie’s Slamdunk S2 Ep 11

I kinda fell in love with this show. (I’ve been watching it for a bit these few days.) But it only has subtitles on Monday and I had some time on my hands (for once!) and so what do I do? I write a recap of course. Not a very long detailed one though.

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Unnies Slam Dunk Ep 16

Unnies’ Slam Dunk Episode 16:

They’ve prepared their costumes, they practiced the dances. They’ve sung and recorded the song and even managed to hit #1 in the charts. They’ve filmed the Music Videos and right now, all that’s left is the live stage.

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Unnies’ Slam Dunk Ep 8

Just because I needed a new project and this episode wasn’t subbed.

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