Just Between Lovers Ep 5

Hold on to your pearls, because we’re still a long way from rock bottom.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 2

How do you move on after a senseless tragedy; one that shackles you to the trauma for life for a fault that wasn’t of your own doing at all? There isn’t one answer and everyone has their own method. Sometimes, some don’t even move on while others are desperate to brush it all aside. Medical technology has improved leaps and bounds… but is there a way to repair broken souls?

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Youth over Flowers: WINNER Ep 1

Youth Over Flowers: WINNER! Episode 1:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Introducing, Mr Finger Song Mino, Mr Mommy Lee SeungHoon, Mr I-am-the-youngest-yet-still-the-boss Kang SeungYoon and Mr I-take-3.5-hours-to-reach-Tokyo-Tower-when-it’s-just-in-front-of-me-because-getting-lost-is-my-specialty Kim JinWoo! With an average age of just 25 – the youngest group ever in Youth Over Flowers – Project Nananana brings you again: Youth Over Flowers: WINNER Edition!

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OMG, what is this nonsense???

창원터널 앞 폭발화재 사고 당시

Today at 1.20 in the afternoon, another traffic accident involving an overturned tanker containing motor oil occurred, with the vehicles in the collision bursting into flames near the entrance to Changwon Tunnel, about 400 km south of Seoul. It took firefighters about 40 mins to get the fire under control.

According to Yonhap news, unfortunately, 3 passed away and 5 people were injured.

Just as we keep JooHyuk in our thoughts, please keep these poor souls in yours too.

Ah. Why is life so fragile. This is so painful.