Just Between Lovers Ep 16 FINAL

Just Between Lovers Episode 16:

KangDoo lies prone in a hospital bed, totally passed out as MoonSoo sits in the corridor outside, deep in thoughts. But when he wakes up, what first greets his eyes is a frantic SangMan who flails all over him and whines like a worried mother.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 15

MoonSoo’s little head starts to remember things she’s suppressed and unwanted surprises of all kinds spring up on our couple. JooWon gets a reminder before it’s too late, thankfully. KangDoo’s really busy this episode.

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Just Between Lovers Ep 13

Mom’s reeling from feeling betrayed, and everything comes to a head with her grief as she confronts her family. But this time, it may prove too much for MoonSoo to hold back and she starts questioning if it’s okay to be happy. But the effects of the collapse run deeper than expected and there are more victims than those under it’s rubble.

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