1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 155

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 155: Flower Boys Winter Camp

Shirts were off, and now they’re back on.  It was a day of shock for SeoJoon and it’s just set to surprise him more.

The men emerge from their cable cars, complaining loudly about their less-than-satisfying lunch and bug Yoo PD for more food when they see pictures of Kimbap and fried rice outside a diner. Yoo PD doesn’t respond at all, ha.

But at least the cold wind hasn’t spiked his heart yet and in view of the fact that it has been a really cold day, he offers them warm Americano and hot chocolates, though JunHo’s wary about the drinks, hee. They’re not tempered with though and warm drinks are the best when it’s cold.

As the bus drives down the road, DongGu asks if there’s going to be a Morning Angel and if so, if she’s going to be Go Ara. They ask SeoJoon who he’d like as his Morning Angel and he suggests someone from the music field. That’s what JunHo expected, because generally, actors go for musicians and vice versa.


SeoJoon continues to say that when he was in the army, Girls Generation and their song Gee were the rage. So that was their wake up song and he shows how it made him so happy, ha ha. They ask him who he likes the most in Girls Generation and he changes topics to talk about TWICE. Pwahaha. They press him for a name from TWICE and he blurts out Sana. “Without Sana, how can I live? (eotteoke-sa-na?)”

HyungShik’s choice is HyeJong from AOA (Eo? EO???) which Defconn grabs him by the neck for because he agrees with his choice, heh. MinHo’s choice is actress Han HyoJoo. He likes her for the pleasantly simple image.

And then JunHo flubs and calls Morning Angel a Morning Call, hee.

They end up at some water body and everyone’s hesitant and reluctant as they spy rafts, floats and even a canoe in it. JunHo doesn’t like the setting on land at all as he points to the multiple heaters and naked flame flickering nearby. Defconn points that it looks like they’re going to take turns getting into the water and drying off at the spot.


They’re going to play their Dinner Game here and Yoo PD promises them that only 4 of them will need to be in the water. The guys check their pockets for anything not waterproof with SeoJoon doing a very thorough search.

Even before he’s on the float, JunHo already has his feet wet from trying to hop onto one. The 8 men separate into two teams and head off to their destinations. Pwahahahah, JunHo’s team fails terribly at balancing themselves, their raft always skewing to one side, which results in wet-butt-JunHo. Pfft.

They’re sent to a platform made of 4 rafts held together and here, they’ll play their first game. It’s a simple game in which the men, two at a time, will line up and play rock paper scissors with each other. The loser will have to jump over the winner until both use up all the land they have on the raft and one of them plops into the water. JongMin screams and complains, hee.

Yoo PD lets the guests choose the members that they want to go against (and because only the winner among the two gets dinner, the guests have the upper hand). The three guests get to choose three members together and that leaves two of our five guys free to naturally become partners and rivals.

MinHo goes first, calling out to TaeHyun and while TaeHyun makes tiny little hops whenever he fails, MinHo flies over TaeHyun. They near the edge of the platform and the rest of the guys squeal in anticipation and nervousness. In the end, it’s TaeHyun who loses the last round and has to jump into the water. Pfft, he checks the water temperature and laughs like a loon while MinHo jumps around screaming, “I love you, 1 Night 2 Days!”

TaeHyun takes the loss like a man and plunges into the water, the first one to get into the water this winter. He comes up gasping for air and reeling from the cold while the ice-pop-collection-car-boat comes slowly to bring him back to land. Ha.


While TaeHyun laughs that it’s so cold that he couldn’t even shiver, JongMin attempts to influence SeoJoon into choosing Defconn as his opponent. SeoJoon is determined to eat dinner with his pal though and instead, shouts, “JongMin, you, come out!” Ha!!! Reverse psychology failed!

SeoJoon does jumping jacks to warm up and then raises his hands to the heavens, saying that he wants to use up all his luck today. Pfft. The game starts and the two guys hop comfortably to the end. Near the end, JongMin apologises and tells him to go. They’re not even close to the edge at all but they’re close enough that MinHo comments that at that distance, all you can think of then is the water. TaeHyun calls from land that whoever’s got the worse health should go in, because he’s totally cured of his (aches), heh.

JongMin whines that he can’t do this while SeoJoon rubs his hands together. SeoJoon loses this round and hops over, and though he nearly falls into the water thanks to the puddle that TaeHyun made there earlier, he doesn’t go splash yet. Then he loses the next round.  Hahaha. JongMin tells him to just go in and then he loses the next round, heee. JongMin prepares for his hop-over, with SeoJoon asking him if he shouldn’t be stretching right about now. Kekekeke, JongMin takes his own sweet time before hopping over, making the others impatient and even SeoJoon complains that it’s hard bending over.


But finally, Shinba takes the leap… and lands right at the edge of the platform, driving SeoJoon crazy. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!! I LOVE THIS!

SeoJoon can’t believe it and the other guys are getting the shivers.

It’s down to the very last game between the two men and they throw out their last choices.

SeoJoon loses, OMG, hee!

He goes crazy while TaeHyun grins from land. SeoJoon screams for mommy and then TaeHyun helpfully adds that he should just trip over one of JongMin’s legs and send them both into the water. Hahahah! SeoJoon’s not averse to that idea but JongMin pops up like that’s crazy.

SeoJoon takes the jump like a man and has to be dragged out sopping wet by the others. JunHo touches him and goes white in the face, heh. The ice-pop-collection truck comes and SeoJoon is sent to join TaeHyun. He sighs that he couldn’t even endure it for 3 seconds and TaeHyun laughs at him trying to endure anything. Dog-luck SeoJoon.

SeoJoon gamely changes his shirt right there and then, in front of the cameras, showing his bare back to the entire nation while TaeHyun’s just focused on the fact that the water’s so cold that it transcends imagination.

The next match continues and HyungShik screams for JunHo to come out. JunHo loses the first game and then pushes HyungShik down while he jumps over. Pfft, HyungShik crumples.

The two fly towards the end, no tinny little jumps for them and they reach the end in no time. They end up right near the edge, with HyungShik losing the turn and confident that there’s one more match left between them. But then he slips and falls off. HAHAHHAA.

Poor wet duck HyungShik is carted off, feeling very unfair… because JunHo had pushed him slightly. How? Well, if we didn’t have the cameras, we wouldn’t know. Or if we didn’t have Yoo PD insisting that he take part in the next game because he’d cheated. Only then does he show JongMin exactly how he’d cheated – when HyungShik had jumped over, JunHo had lifted his back a little that movement pushed HyungShik by the butt into the water. HAAAA!


So in the next game with Defconn and DongGu, JunHo joins in… though Defconn’s the one falling head-first into the water while jumping over JunHo. He immediately fingers JunHo out for pushing him and while JunHo did try that butt-push trick, he never elbowed Defconn into the water and he runs to grab a VJ, screaming that he didn’t cheat. Hahahaha, Kim YAPS, this is what happens when you cheat once.

Aw, MinHo offers to do another round with JunHo as revenge for HyungShik and immediately, Yoo PD replies loudly, “CALL!” JunHo gets no say at all.

It’s a one-match-death-match for them and MinHo wins it, to HyungShik’s glee and satisfaction. MinHo bends over, readying JunHo for his jump and when YAPS asks if he’s ready, HE pushes MinHo into the water before jumping in himself. HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! DongGu and JongMin watch on the platform as the two men wriggle and squirm from the cold, though they only help MinHo up while JunHo screams, “save me”, to deaf ears. In the end, DongGu helps pull up the drowning old man himself, though MinHo is right there to push YAPS back into the cold water.


Okay, okay, JunHo looks like he’s about to die, time to help him.

Yoo PD announces that MinHo, Defconn and DongGu are the winners getting dinner today. While the ice-pop truck transfers its load, JunHo fawns over MinHo because the SHINEE fans are watching, hahaha.

The wet puppies load up into the bus, with MinHo a little stunned at how JunHo can cheat like that while JunHo insists that he really didn’t cheat at the end. Then they leave without JongMin.

JunHo insists that JongMin set him up for the last one, insisting that he’d pushed MinHo over only due to JongMin’s request and how JongMin kept begging the Audio Manager (because MinHo was wearing a mike). Now, DongGu agrees that he never thought of pushing MinHo into the water until JongMin insisted. JunHo latches onto that eye-witness account while MinHo side eyes him, not quite sure what to believe. Hah.


JunHo explains that he had to fall in anyway because if the guy beside MinHo Oppa doesn’t, the SHINEE fans will…will what, Kim JunHo? What? Hehehe.

The puppies are delivered to a school and soon later, JongMin joins the winners, and asks after the three actors. Pfft, JongMin says that because it turned out this way, Hwarang will do well. MinHo screams for “JongMin hyung” while still half naked and in the toilet and tells him that he knows the shenanigans that JongMin pulled. JongMin just repeats his “Hwarang will do well” chant before leaving and MinHo sighs that so 1 Night 2 Days is like this. Welcome to the jungle, kid.

They’ve washed up and as they walk towards their dinner, JunHo reminds JongMin what he’d told him to do. JongMin talks about chicken instead, pulling a pun.

Raw meat and a BBQ wait for them and Yoo PD repeats that JongMin, DongGu and MinHo are the only ones allowed the meat. JunHo raises his hand to object to JongMin joining them and Yoo PD leaves the decision to MinHo, the victim. MinHo declares that JongMin’s the accomplice and JongMin’s defence is that he didn’t even say anything. He just gestured with his head. Pwahahahahha. He’d make a terrible lawyer!

So JongMin joins the table of losers, wondering how he turned into a person who killed someone. MinHo just does half-bows in apology. DongGu and MinHo are left to enjoy their BBQ dinner while JongMin complains, “when did he ever listen to my words so well before?” and JunHo’s comeback is, “My ears are YAPS (too).” You can’t ever beat him.

Yoo PD addresses the poor victims of the cheating, Defconn and HyungShik, letting them choose a part of the meat as compensation. JunHo complains again, that if cheating and entertainment is not allowed, then they should be on Dream Team instead of 1 Night 2 Days. HAHAHA, and JongMin agrees while JunHo argues his case.

Defconn hears them and acquiesces a little and agrees to share some with JunHo and JunHo changes tune to ask HyungShik about what he thinks. Hyungshik agrees to share his meat too. JongMin grabs JunHo’s lapels and calls him a betrayer until JunHo agrees to share half the amount.


It must be a really cold day because Yoo PD relents and gives them all meat. 5 pieces for HyungShik and Defconn (who share with JunHo and JongMin) and bacon for TaeHyun and SeoJoon, the latter two of whom just make fried rice with their ingredients.

Dinner commences and JongMin heads over to the winner’s grill, where MinHo points to a piece and says that it’s edible. That same sentence could also mean “you can eat that too” and JongMin asks if he’s for real. MinHo replies no. HEE! But JongMin eats it anyway, even though Yoo PD’s got his eye on him.

TaeHyun sighs that their fried rice needs sesame oil and SeoJoon easily reaches over to HyungShik’s table and borrows their sesame oil for a bit without even asking, ha. But it totally changes the fragrance of the dish and suddenly, JunHo’s craving the loser’s dish.

MinHo asks if he really can’t share his meat and all Yoo PD says is that there’s no free lunch. So they settle on Ssam-bokbulbok, which is basically a game of luck with wraps.

The losers/cheaters play a game of scissors papers stone to decide who gets what and Seojoon loses right away. They then get their wraps, with SeoJoon already laughing just from looking at it. Pfft, the kid doesn’t even stuff the thing into his mouth and then it’s Defconn and JunHo who react next.

SeoJoon has the biggest reaction and MinHo comes clean that SeoJoon got capsaicin while Defconn got the one with lots of garlic. JunHo probably got the one with lots of chilli peppers and garlic. SeoJoon comes up crying and JongMin comments that the variety-god must be shining on him. Defconn says that he sees JuHyeok in SeoJoon. He’s a young JuHyeok. Ha.

Then men head into the room to share blankets and stories and after some rest, it’s time for the Sleeping Bok-buk-bok.

SeoJoon says that he just has to win this and he’ll be happy but they all groan when Yoo PD tells them that the loser will have to sleep in a tent on that platform they played their Dinner Bok-bul-bok on in the middle of the pond. Are you kidding me?


All of them complain while JunHo just says that he’s fine as long as he isn’t on the same team as SeoJoon.

Yoo PD tries to calm them by saying that this is normal for the 1 Night 2 Days regulars, ha, and everyone vehemently disagrees. But we’re shown back to the moment when JunHo and DongGu slept with the animals, heh.

And today’s game is simply all about luck. Everyone’s happy except for SeoJoon, who jokes that he’ll be getting into position (the tent) now, ha. TaeHyun heart-warmingly adds that if SeoJoon really ends up sleeping in the tent… he and Defconn will tell him all their survival secrets. Lol.

The sleeping game will be played in teams and Yoo PD tells them that 1st place handsome-man HyungShik and last place SeoJoon will be choosing their team members.  Everyone warns SeoJoon not to choose them. SeoJoon and HyungShik play scissors-paper-stone to decide who gets to choose their members first. SeoJoon loses. HAHAHHAAH! Then he wins the next round and chooses JongMin. Then SeoJoon loses another two more times and is given Defconn and JunHo and SeoJoon totally collapses, laughing in disbelief at his (terrible) luck.


MinHo notes how the teams are basically their ranking this morning, with 1235 in one team and 4678 in the other (with TaeHyun and JongMin switching places). 1235 calls themselves the Hwarang Team and the other calls themselves the Makjang (terrible) Team.

The guys are given their flower-adorned slippers and are presented with 4 huge boxes, one of which contains a pail with hot water poured into it right before them. The game starts and two representatives from each team are sent out to dance. When the music stops, the guys choose their boxes and made to jump onto them. All of them hold up except for DongGu who crashes into the hot water feet first. Hee.

Team Makjang 1, Team Hwasang 0.

The next set of players is sent out and they dance to Mariah Carey with JunHo leading them. Pfft, the music stops and both TaeHyun and JunHo crash through the boxes into water. SeoJoon stands on his box happily!

It’s time to continue with the third set, though there’s a little interruption because… SeoJoon’s taking his socks off. HAHAHA. Poor kid!

Team Hwasang has only two people left on their team while Team Makjang has 3 more left. SHINEE’s Ring Ding Dong blasts through the speakers and while the others are ready to do the signature dance, JunHo’s off at the side acting like he’s playing traditional African drums. The music stops and MinHo attempts to push SeoJoon off the first box. SeoJoon insists on his box and pushes MinHo off to the next box… before promptly jumping right through the box and into water. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

So poor SeoJoon goes off to dry his feet with the heaters while his other members play. SHINEE’s Lucifer comes out right then and it’s MinHo-time as they all watch him dance. Time to jump and… Team Makjang’s remaining two members make a splash. PWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! This is unbelievable, what a day for SeoJoon!


Team Hwasang celebrates, then goes to check on poor SeoJoon whose mind has blown. Once that’s done, TaeHyun puts a call to SeoJoon’s CEO, informing him that SeoJoon’s filming 1 Night 2 Days now then insists that he’s PERFECT for the show while SeoJoon fixes his socks without any expression on his face. All the guy’s CEO says is, “please take care of him (for me)”. HA! TaeHyun tells him to go collect his New Variety Award and SeoJoon’s completely baffled and awed by how he hasn’t won a single game at all, the entire day. Yoo PD attempts to console him by superimposing his face over the winners’ throughout the day’s games. That’s not helping at all and don’t cry SeoJoonie!

They calm down, and SeoJoon, still completely shocked, mutters that he realised this today: Even if he can’t act… there’s hope (for him in variety). Heh. TaeHyun adds that the theme for today should be: The Place That You Should Be At, a line that’s the same title as GOD’s song and some guy with sense blasts that song through the sound systems.

Pfft, Yoo PD has prepared the “Flower Train” for the Makjang guys and SeoJoon basically half-heartedly gasps as the pond comes into view.

Pwahahaha, they see a chamber pot the moment they reach the tent and with a little cheer, head into the tent.


Back at basecamp, the winners enjoy their heated rooms, with TaeHyun rolling all over the place and Makjang carefully allocating their spots so that the raft doesn’t tilt or flip over. JongMin scares me with talk of seeing water coming in but that’s just a false alarm.

SeoJoon apologises to the others, aw, but they assure him that there’s nothing to apologise for. JongMin adds that they were in the wrong for being on the same team as him. Eish.

Once they’re nice and comfy in their blankets, Defconn says that SeoJoon fits well in 1 Night 2 Days. But SeoJoon replies that when he goes onto other programmes, he sighs/get complaints that he can’t speak well – the awkwardness of actors with variety.

JunHo notes that he did well today though and SeoJoon credits that to the Hyungs making him comfortable. Defconn agrees that it was a little scary how he kept losing and JunHo adds that he should just comfortably lose. Ha. JongMin calls him part of their family.

Morning comes and the four puppies in the tent squish together adorably while the other foor in the room are woken up by pansori. DongGu wakes up with a smile. How to you just smile when you’re being woken up? I’d be screaming bloody murder.

Pfft, the 4 of them are sent to wake the puppies at the water and they do that by jumping all over the platform. Hurr. One by one, the 4 in the tent appear and then DongGu realises that something from the chamber pot spilled. Oh NO!

And later, while TaeHyun pulls the raft away from the platform with Defconn and JongMin on board, JunHo hops onto it and nearly slips off. Pfft.

They’re stuck when the raft can’t go over shallow waters though, and reluctant to get their feet wet at all, they ask HyungShik to place a huge boulder somewhere in the water for them to step on and reach land.


HAHAHA, HyungShik THROWS the huge rock into the water, creating a huge splash and a wave that sends all the guys on the raft sliding into water. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! THIS IS BETTER THAN SEOJOON’S BAD LUCK! And the kid wasn’t on the raft at all!

They scream at HyungShik and JongMin climbs to land after wading through the water and plops himself onto a blanket like a petrified Pompeii statue.

They do their Flower Men Winter Camp Fan Dance/Chant once more and filming closes for the day.



Next Week!

No preview.


But for another perspective and recap of last week’s episode, head over to Koreanvarietyrecaps.com! (We’re obviously not very creative creatures to give our blogs such bland names, heh.) (And I’ll update the link to add this episodes when they have this ep’s recap up. Updated!!! [28/12/2016] )


By the way, Merry Christmas and congratulations to JONG MIN FOR WINNING DAESANG!!!!! WHEEEE!!! And SiYoon for winning the Variety Rookie award (aw, he cried) and our writer Jung SunYoung (Edit: spelt our precious goddess’ name wrong !@#$/^&*!!!!) for winning the TV Writer Award. And best of all is that 1 Night 2 Days won the Best Variety Programme Chosen By Viewers Award!

Onwards to 10th year and beyond!



7 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 155

  1. Thank you for the super fast recap. It’s almost 3am and i was watching the episode’s highlights n thought of checking ur blog and so glad i did! i thought donggu was unlucky in games like these but poor seo joon takes the cake! LOL. Can’t wait for the subbed episode!

    Btw, Merry Christmas to you and the entire 1N2D family. Congrats to everybody esp. KJM(for all the starving he had to endure), Donggu(for all the games he clumsily lost), to writer sun young(for the salty junho sandwiches and being chuck to a deserted island). Keep up the good work, all!


  2. Great episode chokeful of laughs. And the best LOL must be the unexpected slide into the water right at the end. Kim junho begins and ends both raft accidents (together with deffcon and taehyun on the same raft too)! Poor Seojun. Reminds me of Lee Kwangsoo’s famous bad luck too. The variety gods were certaimly with him that day.
    I am so happy that the show won Best Prog and congrats to kim jongmin for winning daesang. Congrats to donggu and staff-writer-nim. May 2017 continue to be a good year for 1d2n. Hopefully jungyoung will return soon.
    Thank you, as always, for the recap, Peeps. Wishing you a great new year ahead.


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