1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 121

Spring is here, at Olympic Park!

The episode opens to TaeHyun complaining that only Defconn and he went to JooHyuk’s movie premier when they’d all gone to HyoJoo’s. Ha! Right off the bat, shots are thrown! And of course it dissolves into the guys declaring who they’d like as 1N2D’s guests. The singers all mention actresses while the actors mention singers and Defconn points it out with the added: And JongMin likes JoonYoung. HAHAH!! He’s never living it down for a while.

Crayfish PD (Yoo PD) brings them back by turning their attention to the Lonely Tree behind them. At mention of the place being a popular meeting spot, the members all anticipate the arrival of their new member. Or not, since HyoJoo left such a big impression on them last week. So they decide to pretend to welcome him, something they admit they’re good at. They act out a fuss, having read the news articles that the new member would be Yoon SiYoon and JunHo mentions SiYoon’s biggest drama: “King of TakGu, Kim Baking!”

They look towards the hills with anticipation… …and over the hill comes Moya from the Korean kids-programme Hutos (Tinky Winky from Teletubbies if you will). OMG, how did they manage to stuff convince him into it?! He even walks like the real character and rolls when told. Hee!

They welcome him excitedly as “Mr Baker” and high fives him. JunHo smacks him in the face. I kinda wanna smack him too, seeing his old-guy-acting-cute gestures.

The cast throw important life questions like women and money at him and with his answers, they deem him good enough to be one of them but… his gestures are a little too old for the 30s he claims he is. JunHo breaks a dam by asking aloud if he isn’t JooHyuk and now everyone’s super suspicious, especially when he busts out a really old dance move.

Moya takes his head off… and reveals himself to be Kim JooHyuk!!!!! GUTAENG OPPPPAAAAAAA!!!!!! *DOLPHIN SQUEALS* Apparently, some of the staff didn’t even know and someone lets his mouthful of water dribble down his chin as his jaw hangs. Cast and crew raise a storm at the surprise and JooHyuk unceremoniously waves them apart.

Cut to sometime earlier, when Kim JooHyuk had come out of a van and was presented with a big bag. JooHyuk grumped that the production crew just won’t leave him alone but he’s all smiles. It’s because we really wanted to see you! He whines as he wears the costume, making the staff all laugh. But no matter what, it still feels like he never left. JooHyukkie oppa, don’t go~

Back in the present, the guys ask what the heck happened and JooHyuk just says that he’s back, just because they told him to do so! The guys still can’t believe it. Defconn loudly says that he’s never seen someone shamelessly return to a variety after volunteering to leave. HA! The guys love it and say that he can’t leave now or forever, since he’s lost all charisma as an actor. They bring up his signature old-gestures and JunHo and JooHyuk re-enact their MaengGoo and YoungGu skit, both back where they belong.

Talk turns to HyoJoo’s appearance last week and JooHyuk says “his hands shook in anger” because they’d never even called him once during then when they always did before, HAHA! ~HyoJoo before Hyung~ But he admits that he realised again how nice they are when he saw them all pathetic on broadcast. Hee!

They calm down a bit and JooHyuk starts to explain why he’s returned and lets out a sigh… when JoonYoung cuts in and asks if he’s just here to introduce the new member, leaving JooHyuk speechless. WHAT?! SAY IT ISN’T SO! See! JunHo looks so crushed and Defconn begs not to be played anymore.

Unfortunately, it’s true and JooHyuk presents them with an address to go to from his magic pouch. The boys don’t want to let him go so much that they will him to be their driver all the way to GwangJu.

He refuses, so they make him wear his costume and cry all the way back, which he does so with full aegyo. He is not GuTaeng for no reason as he stops to pull off Moya’s head halfway to complain and inadvertently lets the head roll downhill. Leave it to GuTaeng to enact a saying literally.

So they all load into their huge car and Yoo PD comes by to inform them that their new member has no idea that he’s shooting for 1N2D today like he’s coming to ask them where lunch will be at. In fact, he was told that the shooting would only next next week. Yes, being OTT is this team’s forte. They hark back to their initiation from the first episode of the season and come up with evil plots to haze the new member in true 1N2D fashion. I love the cherry blossoms along the road.


They reach the neighbourhood and immediately head for the outdoor exercise machines like kids as Yoo PD briefs them. They’ll have to get the member out in 10 minutes along with all his necessities for the next 2 days or they’ll lose lunch money. The crew hands over their box of classic torture tools to help them and JunHo pours a whole pile of salt into a cup half-filled with water. Then TaeHyun prepares another cup of salty milk. I worry for the newbie’s kidneys.

They reach before the newbie’s house quietly but their plans of catching him asleep fail when the newbie oohs in surprise the moment they barge in. It’s Yoon SiYoon!!! In a sleeveless top! I think I might cry laughing at how they’re just taking over his house screaming “hurry, hurry!” while SiYoon flails around helplessly. Defconn even unceremoniously straps the mike to him without so much as a greeting or warning. JongMin sprays him and JoonHo follows up with the salt water. It takes a full 3 seconds for him to realise that he’s drinking poison. What are you guys doing to a 2010 KBS Excellence Award winner? Aw, it’s been 6 years since then. That sincere, crying face he made while giving his speech back then is so apt for the scene now.

TaeHyun infiltrates SiYoon’s walk-in closet and looks out for the weirdest outfit. JunHo shouts for the milk and innocent SiYoon takes an expired one out from his fridge. And now they’re just eating his food. They’re like savages!

SiYoon throws on a questionable top, drinks salted milk offered by TaeHyun, has his food inhaled by JoonYoung and Defconn and gets his guitar taken by JoonHo. He dithers a bit while the rest run out until he hears that there’s money on the line and he’s out like a rabbit being hunted.

He’s still can’t believe it while he runs and in the chaos JongMin lags behind, swinging ShiYoon’s underwear like a flag. HAHAHAHA!!! The editing is brilliant as it intercuts this with SiYoon’s previous drama High Kick, where his character was informed that his “panties” had been found through a very loud declaration from his balcony. Did they have to repeat “panties” three times?

Anyways, they made it under 10 minutes at 7 minutes and 16 seconds. ShiYoon’s innocence cracks me up as he asks if he was of any help in their first mission.

SiYoon is officially introduced as 1N2D’s new member and he starts off his initiation speech by bragging about his drama King of Baking, Kim TakGu that had gotten over 50% in viewer ratings and declaring that he’s going to do the same in variety. The cast bursts out in protests and when asked how he’s going to do it, he says “The more we suffer, the higher it will get”. Pfft. He reminds me of early-days-Defconn.

The guys think they need to solve it by corrupting him (they’re incorrigible) and JunHo asks when he was discharged from the Marines, taking it as explanation for his extremeness. SiYoon replies that it’s been 2 months and JunHo gets disappointed, saying that he hoped the new member would be someone famous with Hallyu power. But 1N2D is already great on its own!

JunHo pouts that he won’t get close to SiYoon for fear of him leaving. They point out that TaeHyun the actor (who forgot he was an actor) stayed for 5 years while JongMin made the show his life by staying on for 9 years. JongMin: “I won’t let you play with my life.” SiYoon agrees to stay for at least two years. It’s on record! You can’t back out now!

They check what TaeHyun and JongMin have packed for SiYoon. The stuffed bag includes two stretched pairs of underwear, one of which JunHo gets jealous over and the other gets labelled old because it’s stretched. SiYoon: “Especially the front part, it’s stretched out, right?” I can’t take it! I cry!

For some reason, they’ve packed a scarf and THREE hats for SiYoon. TaeHyun busts out his fashionista side and lays all the clothes he’s prepared for SiYoon, claiming the coordination to be fantastic. I’ll just leave it to you guys to judge.


Crayfish PD announces the theme for today: DongGu is my destiny. DongGu is explained to be SiYoon’s birth name. At 20, he paid 20,000 won (according to JoonYoung who once wanted to change his own name) to have it officially changed to SiYoon. Yoo PD explains that he’d like for SiYoon to use his other name when he does variety, like Rain, EXO’s D.O. and ShinHwa’s Eric do. But he paid money to have it changed…

The hyungs tease him but SiYoon takes it coolly and Defconn concludes that they should tease him more. I don’t think that was what he wanted to achieve. So, “DongGu is my destiny” came about because the day’s activities will all be decided by DongGu, since DongGu said that he likes having titles. Did… did he just get excited at the thought of taking responsibility for these crazy people’s fate for the next 2 days just so he could get a title?

The time comes to choose the envelopes that contain their lunch money, with amounts ranging from ₩0, ₩1000, ₩5000, ₩10,000 and ₩100,000. DongGu gets asked how he picks stuff and he replies “spontaneously” and just says that they should be thankful for whatever they receive. D’oh!

He goes straight for the third envelope because 3 is his favourite number but switches to envelope 4 at the last second. They decide to check the contents of the other envelopes first and ₩5000 comes out of envelope 3. Phew! The other envelopes reveal ₩1000 and ₩10,000, so it’s all or nothing for them now. DongGu opens his envelope… and pulls out 2 fat ₩50,000 notes. WOAH! They rejoice and Defconn confirms him as a member again. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say.

Wait, is the JongMin-JoonYoung romance breaking up because of DongGu? Hee!

They fight over him and forget all about JuHyeok. TaeHyun even slips up and calls him “Juk-Taengi” which is like “die-Taengi”. Haha! Then Defconn pulls SiYoon back from heaven and reminds him that they’re fickle people and not to get used to the welcome.

Yoo PD finally introduces the real title of today’s episode as “Spring Trip Special, Let’s Go Together DongGu!” For anyone going to Korea, 1st May to 14th May is dedicated as Spring Travel period by the Korean Tourism Organisation and there will be many discounts and creative outdoor packages. They’re told that they’ll be travelling to Boryeong, which is famous for its mud festival held in summer during the first two weeks of July.

In order to choose the driver for the trip down, they play their rigged game of “odd one out”. Simply, in the game of rock-paper-scissors, they’ll all throw any of the three choices out and the one who puts out the odd choice will be It. Except that had they all planned (on their way to his house) to throw out paper on the third round so that SiYoon gets chosen. SiYoon proves to not be an easy one when everyone throws out rock in just the second round. Man, he’s a lucky bug.

And SiYoon throws out paper later so they’re all the same in the third round again! They play another set of three and DongGu becomes the driver.

SiYoon gets excited when he sees a sticker of his face on the car, along with the rest’s. The guys have a blast just throwing out everything they want to eat and deciding on nothing. In the end, they decide to just follow SiYoon’s wish of eating at the rest stop, since it holds happy memories of when he came up from the countryside to Seoul to meet his parents during his childhood. And then the guys go to sleep, leaving SiYoon flustered since he was told to keep talking in the car for footage.

They reach the rest stop cafeteria and look confident before the cash register for the first time in a long while. Defconn and JunHo even order two full meals each.

They sit and play the rigged game of chance to choose the one who’ll get the food and SiYoon is It again. LOL, he still doesn’t know why. While waiting, they talk about each other and JunHo straightforwardly just says that SiYoon is nice and innocent, so they can order him around while they can’t do that to JoonYoung. Are you sure you want to tell that to his face? He’ll change!

While SiYoon gets the food, the hyungs continue to praise him, so obvious in their adoration of him.

Woo Hoo~ that’s a lot of food…


As they eat, the hyungs serve SiYoon some their food and some advice, telling him to take everything given without question. JoonHo even dishes out some of his wisdom in the form of the motto “as long as it’s not me” and maknae JoonYoung backs him up, giving an example of throwing JunHo away if he’s not needed in a team even after a nice day together, haha! JongMin serves the most important advice of trusting no one that I’m betting will clue SiYoon in to their antics a lot faster.

In exactly the next rigged game, he totally gets it. JunYoung gets the water this time and while poor SiYoon is away, they pile on the salt in his cup. DongGu sulks the moment he drinks it. Defconn takes pity and leaves the group to get him water, which we all know is NOT something anyone should do on this show. They conspire to all throw rocks in the fourth round later.


They get a few close shaves and SiYoon betrays them in the fourth round, blowing JunHo’s mind. Hehehehe! He’s like the sneaky police officer using tricks to get his criminals in the dramas. Defconn even has the cheek to signal ‘scissors’ behind SiYoon’s back but it’s JongMin who messes up in the next round and is designated the driver.


In this leg of the drive, they all stay awake and talk. SiYoon mentions that he’s impressed by how witty they are in quizzes even when they get the answer wrong. JongMin replies that it’s all an act and TaeHyun laughs at the bullshit.

Veteran JongMin shares the advice of acting like one’s at home in the show and even offers that it took him three years to fit in after his return from military service.

They reach Daecheon and play with the shell sand (i.e.: sand made from ground shell instead of rocks) on the beach, the only one of its kind in Asia.

As they walk, people crowd around, the ahjussi-es recognising SiYoon as Kim TakGu while the young ladies recognise him by his real, paid-20-bucks-to-change official name. They’re led to a huge inflatable slide leading to a mud pit and are told that its been prepared so that they’ll get to enjoy it before others by courtesy of the crew’s thoughtfulness… Uh… Yoo PD, this is 2 months too early.

They change into their wet-suits and everyone wows at SiYoon’s post-military body.

Next Week!

We’re shown a sneaky shot (as is the norm in this show) of SiYoon being asked during his casting interview who he has the confidence to bring down in a physical fight. He replies that it’s Defconn (What?) and we’re shown snippets of the two going at it in the mud pit, trying to pull stockings off each other’s head. I can’t believe I just wrote that.



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  1. Thanks for the recaps ! I’ll be following them for sure. I just got to watch this episode (I’m a bit behind) and I like the new member. I was impressed by the fact he did swallowed the salty drinks, rather than spitting them out. He seems very honest and fair (not naive), and quite self-confident. I love. I can’t wait for trips where he wouldn’t be in control or where they’ll make him doubt. SiYoon, be careful for what you wish for (more suffering for more rating!)…

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