1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 122

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 122: DongGu-ya, Let’s Go Together Part 2

After a recap of all the ridiculous things they did last week, we open to the guys standing before the mud pit.

Yoo PD tells them that it’s a 3 vs 3 game and they all swarm DongGu. Hee. They show off the reasons he’s strong, from talking about the exercise equipment in his house to revealing his biceps, manhandling him to show off his abs and… pulling his pants! HAAAAA!!!!

SiYoon chooses Defconn, according to his instincts, and JongMin as teammates, leaving the rest of the skinny waifs to form the other team. The difference in ability is so large that Yoo PD brings up his Defconn remark from the hidden camera interview.

SiYoon starts to panic, not even remembering what he said. PD rewinds it for us and like JoonYoung said, the staff only listen to what they want to hear, i.e.: “Defconn”, even though he explained so much more about it. On the other hand, SiYoon didn’t even take JunHo into consideration as competition. Hee!

It’s TaeHyun-SiYoon-JongMin in DongGu Team and JoonYoung-Defconn-JunHo in Not-DongGu Team. They have to be so teasing even in giving team names.

The game they’ll play is King Seu-Ta (Star/Stockings) Big Match, a group wrestling match where the teams will have to pull stockings off the opponent’s head and two legs. They’ll be able to tag each other in at any time with a high-five. Each person can only wrestle for a minute before they have to tag someone else in and the team wearing the most stockings wins. The winner will get a vehicle-ride to base camp while the other team will ride a three-person bike all the way there.

They moan, all except for DongGu who gets excited. He actually volunteers to lose, ha!

The boys play around on the slide, rolling and pushing each other off. They slip, roll, fall and bounce around. That looks so fun. They wear their stockings and they look so damn terrible. Lawl, I love that SeHo’s influence reaches even here.

Our resident international referee calls for the competitors to enter the ring and JunHo does so with his head held high and a come-on swagger. TaeHyun rolls into the ring, head first into mud. Who ever said boys were smart? But it’s just a ploy to get to JunHo, though unfortunately, the game hadn’t even started. Again, who ever said boys were smart?

The international referee in bright pink signals the starts of the game and YAPS (JunHo) runs straight for Defconn, tagging him in, HAHAHHA!!!

Defconn comes powering in like a bull and TaeHyun runs away, tagging SiYoon in but the moment he enters, he’s brought to his knees by Defconn, the stocking he wears on his head in Defconn’s death grip. DongGu can’t even stand with Defconn constantly bearing upon him and gets 2 stockings ripped away.

Then it’s time for the crazy pair JunHo and JongMin to go at it and they do it with the most gusto, with JongMin pulling back JunHo’s head and grabbing near his crotch. Hee, JunHo can’t even get his bearings right and tags in TaeHyun. Wrong team!

In the next round, it’s SiYoon versus JoonYoung and SiYoon completely owns him, rolling him over and around like a rag doll. They should both feature in action films. JunHo starts singing Holiday by the Bee Gees but get swatted and tagged in by JunYoung, haha!

He heads straight for DongGu and wraps himself all around him like a cicada, rendering him helpless.

JongMin and Defconn get tagged in and it gets way too wild. International Referee steps in but gets clobbered by them instead, ha! Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

They take a 90-second break and the score is 7-5 in Not-DongGu Team’s favour.

After the break, it’s DongGu versus Defconn again. Instead of going straight for the opponent, SiYoon splashes him with mud and taunts him over. Why does this one look like a bull fight instead?

As they fight, we’re shown a certain butt cross the bottom of the screen and we see that it belongs to JongMin, who’s planning some kind of shenanigan. Unfortunately, he gets discovered by his nemesis, YAPS. They get into a scuffle and you can so clearly hear Crayfish PD (Yoo PD) giggling at the ridiculousness.

Somehow, TaeHyun runs towards them from inside the mud ring and suddenly, everyone is pulling or punching someone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!! I can’t even call this a fight. It’s just a brawl!

The game comes to an end with Not-DongGu winning and they all complain about the scratches they’ve sustained, like they’d just emerged from a catfight, which I guess they actually did. DongGu Team gets told that they’re to take the 3 person bike and DongGu’s reaction is just, “along the coastal route!” *happy face*

In the bus, Not-DongGu congratulates themselves and predict DongGu getting all excited on the three-person bike and we cut to him doing exactly that, screaming in excitement as they ride along the scenic sea-route, hee. DongGu says it isn’t a punishment and the other two just deadpans their agreement. Kim JongMin, I see you not peddling.

The Not-DongGu Team reaches base camp at Sanghwawon, Jukdo , which is an absolutely beautiful place with Hanok-s surrounded by stunning nature. Jukdo island tourist site is considered one of the eight scenic sites of Boryeong and the whole of the island, Sanghwado, located within it is known as a garden for its natural beauty. I agree with DongGu. Riding the three person bike is not a punishment at all if they get to enjoy such gorgeous scenery.

DongGu’s team speeds along and reaches too. They look towards the endless sea and just sees the sky melding into the sea. They get led to an accommodation that’s waaaay too classy for 1N2D and they get to stay there all because of DongGu! They take a look around and I think I just fell in love. With the place, not the boys.

DongGu heads for the shower and is greeted with a camera. Take note that you saw Yoon SiYoon’s post military body first, here on 1N2D and not in some drama! He even left the shower door open so that you get a good look.

He comes out in just a towel and the guys prepare an outfit for him like they’d do for their “biological younger brother”, with utmost effort, making him change several times. Defconn is even talking about layering! Heee!!!! It’s DongGu’s fashion time! Here, have some pictures.

But, actually, you know what? He doesn’t even look bad since he pulls it off with his confidence. In fact, it looks better than JunHo, who had his coordinated by a stylist, hee!

They gather at the Hanok for rest time and grandpa JongMin asks DongGu to stick a patch on him. Defconn asks for a patch too on his… OI! Keep your pants on!

They promptly fall asleep but I guess SiYoon is just too excited to do so because he doesn’t.

Later in the day, they move outside for the Dinner-Game where they admire DongGu’s constant cheeriness. JoonYoung predicts that it’ll last all of two months. It gets found out that JongMin is wearing SiYoon’s jacket without his knowledge. Hee, JoonYoung tells him to just take it.

They get asked what they think SiYoon’s hobbies are and they bring up his huge collection of books. Apparently he gets about 20-30 books a month, even if he only completes reading 5 to 6 of them. Does he not work?

In comparison, JongMin thinks he went through less than 20 books in 38 years and his dumber-friend thinks his was less than 10 in 41 years.

Jong Min reveals that he’s impressed by SiYoon’s eloquence and brings up the example of them passing by the cherry blossoms earlier and SiYoon remarking, “the flowers are in full bloom” (literally, “there are 10,000 of them”).

… … Pfft.

So, the dinner-game is Korean Socks Quiz. For this game, they’ll be sent into the different rooms that surround the yard. They’ll be read a question and if they know the answer, they’ll have to wear the Korean sock placed before their room, sit on a mat and grab the pair of chopsticks on the table in order to answer. For every answer they get right, they’re allowed a piece of delicacies like sashimi, grilled pork and grilled webfoot octopus.

Right off the bat, JoonYoung declares himself to have failed and JongMin rejoices, though JunHo is like “why you?”

At the mention that only the two with the highest score gets to eat a lavish dinner, they all moan at the thought and as usual, DongGu is the only happy one, because he believes that hardship breeds camaraderie. *cough* Talk turns to their ride along the sea and JongMin gets called out for not peddling.  Heh.

Because the game is too biased in SiYoon’s favour, the rest get a DongGu-chance, where SiYoon will answer for them.

They prepare for the game and DongGu cracks me up as he practices opening the door. JongMin practices calling out for DongGu while YAPS practices doing the quiz on his phone.

The first question is literature-related and JoonYoung gives up. They scramble out when they hear Seo TaeJi but no, the question is “who came up with the poem Hayeoga during the Goryeo era?” I KNOW! I KNOW! It was in SIX FLYING DRAGONS! JongMin opens his door to say it came up recently on TV but gets told to come out only when he knows the answer, hee.

JoonYoung rushes out and calls for DongGu, when the person himself doesn’t even show a hair. None of them know much of Hayeoga, much less the answer, but DongGu just says he doesn’t remember the author’s name. It means he knows something!

He blurts out Lee BangWon and like a pre-prepared comedy script, JongMin opens his door to say it seems correct… and he IS correct! Wow.

They enjoy their bite of sashimi and it’s on to the next question.

Question 2: Get the capitals of 3 countries right within 3 seconds. Haha! They all rush out and scream for DongGu while DongGu just stays in his room, waiting for the countries’ names to come up. The rest get a few tries, fighting each other every time. Did TaeHyun just do a roll out of the scuffle?

But they keep getting stuck at Turkey. JongMin calls the capital of Egypt “Pairo” even though someone had already blurted out the answer while JoonYoung calls the capital of Turkey “Kalatasai”. Finally, it’s JunHo who gets the answer and the grilled meat.

I laughed so hard at this but I actually have no right to because I had no idea what the answer was too!

Question 3: In the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, what kind of animal led the uprising? They all run out, even DongGu, but the veterans are already sprawled over the cushion while he’s still standing behind. Defconn gets the spot and calls for DongGu, who answers “Dragon!” Whaaa??

It’s the wrong answer and we see DongGu reveal a small smirk before running away. JongMin gets the second chance and DongGu tempts him into using his DongGu-card and messes it up with “cow”. He totally did it on purpose! TaeHyun pushes JongMin out of the way and answers it correctly himself. DongGu: “Oh, I didn’t think someone would get it right.” HAAAAAA!!!

Fourth Question: Say three women-related 4-word quotes in 5 seconds.  They run out but freeze when they get reminded that they have to come up with three of them. JunHo gets it right.

Question Five: In the novel Les Miserables, what are the two things Jean Valjean stole from the church? Pffft, they all fight to answer the question, even SiYoon, and he gets pinned under everyone but TaeHyun, haha! TaeHyun calls out for DongGu and DongGu messes with TaeHyun, implying that he’s not confident of his answer because he only read half the book. I call bullshit, especially with the detailed way he explains why the answer isn’t their expected “bread” after he gets it right.

All of a sudden, it’s already the end of the quiz and JunHo and TaeHyun win with 2 correct answers. Aw, DongGu did all the answering but gets no points to his name or dinner. And this is what we call a Hogu (a puppy-like fool/sucker). DongGu the Hogu.

Wow, that is a total feast!

DongGu and friends hover around the winner’s table and JunHo digs the knife further by asking DongGu to pass him the sauce but doesn’t share any food whatsoever.

Awww… SiYoon’s face of hope when TaeHyun says that he’d like to give some to DongGu who did all the hard work.  JunHo calls him over to get a piece… a piece of anchovy, that is. This YAPS… JongMin steals the anchovy from DongGu and JoonYoung grabs the anchovy away from JongMin. The (b)romance lives!

The winners offer to share some food if the other team guess the origins of the different food on their table and we see that the food really came from all over Korea, even from “NORYANGJIN FISH MARKEEEEET!” as JongMin screams.

SiYoon’s such a darling, getting food by flattering the winners when he doesn’t know the answer (snerk, he is getting good at this) and sharing the food.

SiYoon: “If it’s gagman, it’s JunHo hyung.”
JunHo: “You! Just come and eat!”

In the end, JongMin gets a plate of food for singing his song “saligo daligo” complete with the foolish dance, though DongGu just asks what kind of song that is. HAHAHA!


Next Week!

Someone screams from within a haunted house.


Extra: Map of Boryeong



19 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 122

      1. Ahh! Just about the flowers. It’s more like that I didn’t get it when I was watching it but reading your recap I understood everything (what was kind of questionable for me) more and could enjoy it even more the second, third time…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, given that he’s popping up left right and center (he even pops up in Law of the Jungle) I thought I had to explain it or we’ll miss the fun. And it doesn’t look like it’s about to be forgotten any time soon.


  1. Hello, I know this blog because you promoted it in 1n2d thread. It’s nice to know that someone is recapping this show because I’m a fan of Dong Gu but I can’t watch this show on time. I’m not a Korean so I have to wait for it to be subbed in order to understand it. And even when the subbed episode is uploaded (and I’ve downloaded it), I still have to find a ‘free’ time (you wouldn’t be that free when you have an active 16 mos old infant). Thanks for this recap, I could have a sneak peek before watching it. 🙂

    Keep recapping! ^^


    1. Aw, it gives me so much joy to know that I was able to bring you even that little bit of happiness. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

      Maybe you should just watch 1N2D with your kid, though it may be detrimental to his/her morals/ethics education especially with our Yaps on the team, hurr.


  2. Watching together? That’s still impossible! lol

    My son can’t watch something for an hour without doing unpredictable things so I don’t have a choice but to keep an eye on him. +_+


  3. Great recap! I was worried about Dong Gu as addition to the cast. Is it just me? Did Dong Gu rub off the members in a wrong way? I feel some of them want to just give him one.


    1. Hmm? I don’t really feel it though. I get the impression that they’re just really thrown off by how happy and optimistic he is. They’re probably a bit weary of his optimism since they have experienced all the “punishment” he’s looking forward to and don’t find them as fun as he does. Maybe they want to punch him, but I don’t think they genuinely dislike him.


  4. I really enjoyed this episode. Dong Gu is such a happy and optimistic person. I think they showed him being interviewed, saying he doesnt eat much or can starve a bit. But I have a feeling that now that he went through his first dinner, he would actually be more interested in the dishes.

    Liked by 1 person

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