1N2D S3 Ep 153 Quick-cap


Still on my holiday but managed to catch this episode (some, because I’m on limited data and only have my phone) so here’s the quick-cap! Also, I’m doing this based on memory.


“SoYeon-sshi!!!!!!” JongMin shouts, but there’s no one at the other pavillion. He shouts and shouts to no avail and miffed at the national disgrace, he chucks his pink rose at JunHo, hee.

But suddenly, the other pavillion lights up again and a shadow passes by. It’s SoYeon, who calls back “JongMin sshi!!” And everyone rejoices (JongMin, because he really likes her and the others because they all get to sleep inside.)

The others send JongMin to SoYeon and JunHo shouts at him to scream her name as he does, heh.

They all eventually reach SoYeon and the others congratulate them, someone very obviously calling her sister-in-law, pfft. (Sis-in-law is also commonly used to call your close friend’s/ brother’s girlfriend but even then, here… hurr)

SoYeon admits that she was really apprehensive but it was at the very end when JongMin called her that she decided to take the plunge and give it one more try. JongMin asks about when she’s free for their Chicken and Beer date and she says not tomorrow. She’s free during the weekends though, and JongMin… stands and turns around to check his schedule while the other guys groan, pffft. Oh JongMin. The other guys go off to give the two some time alone and Yoo PD notes that JongMin must really be shy. JongMin says that it’s no joke now, heh.

JongMin sends SoYeon off, but not before telling her that he’s never watched the movie that she had obviously liked (Toy Story).That sends her jaw dropping, HAHAHAHA, and she asks what he’d done that were actually the Avatars’ doing and what was of his own accord. Well… almost everything were the Avatars so… Shock #2. Ha. Her mind’s blown.

JongMin promises to tell her what was truely by him and what were by the Avatars when they have their Chicken and Beer and it cracks me up that the guys/staff just watch them so blatantly on the veranda just behind them.

JongMin joins the other after sending SoYeon off and Defconn congratulates him on his wedding LOL. JongMin says that he’d really like to go on for a long long time with SoYeon and the married men note that it means marriage. Then they joke and tease about her parents opposing the union. “Not with Babo-s!”

Yoo PD tells them their morning mission, which is for JongMin to cook his favourite Ramyeon for all 4 of the others and himself before he has to rush off for his “schedule” at a far far away place at noon.

And we segue into this flashback where 1 week ago, even before they were briefed for their Mensa Test, Defconn, TaeHyun, DongGu and JunHo were told that this week’s filming would be a JongMin Special and were brought together to plan a Hidden Camera Surprise for him. LOL. And a little flash forward later, while JongMin was with SoYeon, TaeHyun had shared that JongMin had really believed and worried about his 12pm schedule. Heh. Koyote is joining in the Hidden Camera event and that’s JongMin’s personal “schedule” at 12 covered.

They go to sleep together in one room and in the morning, JongMin wakes up extra early to make the Ramyeon, using his bare hands to prepare the ingredients. Halfway through, Yoo PD asks him if he’s washed his hands. “There’s wet tissue here!” he says, then cleans his hands only then. Eek. and later, his spit accidentally lands on the canned meat. … … T-T

The production sets up a Karaoke system for JongMin and he sings his bros a wake up song, screaming “WAKE UP!!!!!!!” and getting into their faces quite a number of times, heh.

But even when they’re all round the table and somewhat awake, he’s only just started boiling his noodles, heh. And ten minutes later, he commands them to eat quickly,lol. (Because they have to close filming early for him to make to his schedule on time.)

While eating, he suddenly whacks a fly into his noodles, HAHAHAHAAAAAA, and after a very short, initial moment of disgust, he picks the fly off with another pair of chopsticks along with a contaminated noodle and carries on eating. JunHo doesn’t look pleased at all and YAPS calls him dirty, hee.

[And this is where I fast forward]

Koyote stands on a stage, before a small but filled indoor theatre, ready to perform their first number. Sing they do, with ShinJi hitting the high notes and JongMin hyping up the crowd.

Our 1N2D cameramen film from behind the curtains, showing us serious-hardworking JongMin. The other 1N2D guys are elsewhere in a small room waiting with mikes and watching everything on TV.

As the song comes to a close, the lights suddenly go out and pffft, JunHo nearly gives them away, if not for the fact that the audio people had muted his mike.

ShinJi starts acting, calling for the managers, hahaha, and the lights come back on, with every single one of the audience holding up banners, saying the same thing as the huge banner right behind them – ” JongMin ah, gomawo (thank you)” Aw…~

“Eo, what’s this?” goes ShinJi while JongMin stares shell-shocked.

The screen behind them lights up and Gutaeng Hyung’s face appears on the projection. He’s there to congratulate JongMin and thank him. He reminises about his time on 1 Night 2 Days and he says that he had thought that there needed to be a Kim JongMim special because without Kim JongMin, 1 Night 2 Days isn’t 1 Night 2 Days (1 Night 2 Days without him is unfanthomable). He tells JongMin to continue on as the mat-hyung, and as the roots of 1 Night 2 Days. T_T

Eun JiWon appears next and he admits that when they were doing season 1 he’d never expected JongMin to be the one protecting 1 Night 2 Days among them and for that, he hopes that JongMin will power on and hold fast and continue.

And then…

“JongMin ah, it’s YeongSeok hyung.” 😢😢😢😢😢

Na PD says that JongMin might not have known this but earlier, long ago when they were working together on a farm for 1 Night 2 Days, Na PD had said that if JongMin served his military service well and didn’t have any scandals, he’d promised to bring JongMin back on 1N2D no matter what. And so when JongMin kept his end of the promise, Na PD kidnapped took him back. But then he suddenly lost his touch and wasn’t funny and really got cursed at by the netizens. Nevertheless, Na PD had believed in him and kept him on , although he hadn’t expected JongMin to last this long. He says that he’s a fan of the current members too, but he also thinks that the original members were the best and when he sees JongMin as the one original member that has lasted this long and whenever he sees him on TV, he feels proud of JongMin. *sniffles* TaeHyun sniffles too.

JoonYoung appears next, complete with a buzz and looking thoroughly tired even though he’s in Paris. Our JoonYoungie!! JoonYoung laments that he can’t be there to celebrate with JongMin, but promises to be back soon. You better, lovable maknae from hell.

BoGum makes an appearance through video, introducing himself as BoGum Magic BoGum, his image making ShinJi spazz and fangirl, heh. He says that the real magic is JongMin magic though, for lasting 9 years and making people laugh.

Then even the grannies from the countryside that JongMin and JunHo made Kimjang with appear and JunHo starts tearing too. The grannies are adorable as usual and they call JongMin to come play anytime. Then the back of a  grandpa’s head appears from the corner of the screen as he calls out, “okay!”, Hahaha. Other kids that filmed with JongMin as guests greet him too and tell him to go on for another 20 years.

Finally, our current batch of nutcases, who are actually now weeping and waiting backstage with a cake, appear onscreen to congratulate JongMin, with Defconn looking like he’d either just woken up or is about to collapse from exhaustion (I bet the former) and TaeHyun going “Daesung. 2016, Grand Prize. Kim JongMin, Daesung. Well, that’s my own opinion. Mine only.” Ha. JunHo heartwarmingly says that, “no matter how much the world sees/calls you as a Babo, you are not to me. To me, you’re my/ the world’s one and only… meongcheong-ie (fool).” Pfft. DongGu congratulates JongMin in his usual earnest way and TaeHyun appears again to announce that this was a JongMin Hidden Camera.

Then he films all three of his kids (aka, 1 Night 2 Day’s honorary members) letting loose and teasing  “Babo uncle” and it was alllllll a hidden camera surprise. And they take special glee in doing so, hahahahahaha.

Finally, the sneaky 4 make their appearance on stage in person and they, together with Koyote, sing another one of JongMin’s songs.

As the credits roll, JongMin asks the staff if the scale of the surprise wasn’t too big and all they reply is, “thanks for being tricked so well”. HAAA!



JongMin ah. Thank you!



End of the Kim JongMin Special.

-No Preview-


Guys! If you read this, can’t you leave me a message here? I was waitng to read your happy comments 😡.

I is huffy puffy gruffy grumpy! 😤


16 thoughts on “1N2D S3 Ep 153 Quick-cap

  1. Thank you for the recap of the Jong Min special. I wat it and instead of being entertained, I was furious on everyone. The avatar thing is very disrespectful and rude towards the female guest. The production staff shouldn’t have gone this far.


  2. the final part reminded me of the last episode of 1N2D season 1 so much. but this time it’s a continued happy ending, I guess. when I saw Gutaeng hyung, I thought Hodong would come up next, didn’t expect Na PD, but that is awesome. I hope for their 10th year anniversary, 1N2D season 3 will invite as many as past members, and Na PD, Bird PD, and Crawfish PD back, and have a grand match casts vs staffs. that would be epic.


  3. Without the subs, I started crying like a fool for Kim Jong Min. He was so surprised that he couldn’t even speak – but he smiled – a lot. I hope they stop treating him like a fool all the time.


    1. I think hed rather they do that though. It’s his variety character and his staple/ rice bowl. I just hope they don’t take it too far, which I don’t think they’ve really done.


  4. I felt relief when So Yeon-sshi appeared at last. I hope things work out well between her and JongMin!
    To me, i felt that the production team cared for Jongmin, especially when at last episode, the PD asked the members not to take things too far for the avatar segment. Good episode!


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