1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 157

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 157: Befitting One’s Age Special

How old are you? How old do you act? Those are the questions we’ll be investigating today, though given their tendency to hit each other and pull each other’s hair, I don’t have much expectations, hurr.

Once the two maknaes (JunHo and Defconn) are done testing the temperature of the sea water, all of them bundle up into the 1 Night 2 Days bus, on their way to base camp. They’re given their name tags again, now with their new ages, with the eldest at 76 years old and the youngests at 59. JongMin takes pleasure in trying to beat up the younger ones, but while JunHo humours him, Defconn has him shrinking back, haha.

JongMin suggests that they go down the age for dinner like they did for lunch and not a single soul pays him any attention. HAHAHAH.

They arrive at some bathhouse, and totally laugh when they see the banner there: The Very First Quiz in Preparation for (Old) Age. HAHAHHAHA!


They sit on the stage according to their ages and Yoo PD tells them that they’re going to be playing for dinner. With every question that they get right, they get to increase their ages but, they also get to “steal” ages from others. They will then get to choose their dinner menus, from eldest to youngest.

For their quiz, they’ll have a special guest, which Defconn guesses is Announcer Jung DaEun, “100%”.

Yoo PD calls out for the guest and they all stand up when they see a lady head towards them. JongMin sticks his hand out for a handshake but Defconn cockblocks him, pfft.

Instead of Jung DaEun, the staffs have brought in Announcer Lee Hyang. Once the introductions are over, they take a seat and JunHo points to something behind Lee Hyang.

JunHo: “Wings…” (AKA, “you’re an angel”, HA!!)


Everyone else cringes and while JunHo attempts to ask another question, JongMin asks JunHo to ask Lee Hyang who among them she likes the most. Pfft, why couldn’t you ask her yourself? JunHo asks it for JongMin anyway, and immediately, Defconn moans that her answers going to be DongGu. Well, either him or TaeHyun. Unexpectedly, she pokes out a finger gun and replies, “Defconn.” Hehheh, I love bashful Defconn bear.

He glances in Lee Hyang’s way, she who’s waving her hand in front of her face. Then she admits that she likes Defconn because he looks funny. WHAT? She calls him fun while JunHo makes fun of the announcer making such a less-than-graceful gesture, heh.

Defconn demands to know if this was planned and Yoo PD immediately refutes while Lee Hyang explains that she likes how he worries a lot and is still funny. DongGu tries to play matchmaker and asks if she likes humorous men, which she agrees, while also adding that she likes warm men too, which of course therefore marks the first romantic couple of the year. HAHAHA.

TaeHyun likes what 1 Night 2 Days is doing, with their attempts at pairing JongMin up last year too and Defconn mutters that they should start the quiz now, hehe.

Lee Hyang starts the quiz, telling them to hit the bats that they’re given on the floor if they know the answer, like goblins, and her first question is: A potato asked Choi BulAm (a South Korean actor and professor) if it was really a potato and Choi BulAm’s answer made it faint. What did Choi BulAm say? Anyone who can mimic Choi BulAm gets 5 years added to their ages. What kind of question is this?

Defconn gives the first answer, followed by TaeHyun and JongMin giving the same answer but doing terrible impressions of Choi BulAm. DongGu tries too, but it’s so childish and unexpected that Lee Hyang laughs and DongGu writhes in embarrassment. JunHo the veteran gagman pulls a funny face while doing it and though he’s red faced and makes TaeHyun collapse in laughter (or embarrassment), Lee Hyang gives the 5 years to TaeHyun. Immediately, petty-Defconn grumbles that only DongGu or TaeHyun will be eating first.

The next question is a test for far-sightedness and requires them to search for a panda. Just one. In a picture that’s like this:

Dammit. I can’t see the panda. I need to have my eyesight checked.

DongGu’s the first to see the panda, followed by TaeHyun, a gleeful JongMin, then Defconn. JunHo remains the only one who can’t see the panda to the end and… is therefore given 5 years. Because the test was for their far-sightedness! HAHHAA!

JunHo does that Choi BulAm impression and then goes serious when he really can’t find the panda even though they’ve stuck the picture right in front of him. Hahaha, JongMin has to guide JunHo’s finger like he’s guiding the blind.

The next quiz is one that allows them to steal 10 years away.

It’s a question regarding the Gayo Top Ten and JongMin delights, because that’s his forte, being a veteran on the Gayos. By the way, TaeHyun’s spent some time on music stages too, heh. Listen to young TaeHyun rap to Kim GunMo’s Wrongful Meeting!


Yoo PD shows them the whole list of Gayo Top Ten Songs of 1992 and they guys get nostalgic and sing the classics. They go down the list, leaving number 2 out, because the title’s not shown and when it comes to Number 10, JongMin sings the song but Defconn says that’s not it. JongMin’s right though. The singer just can’t follow the melody, pfft.

JunHo tries to answer, but is wrong. Defconn’s wrong too and DongGu smacks his head with his club because he can’t remember it at all.

Because none of them can give the right answer, Lee Hyang gives them a hint in the form of an audio clip and all Defocnn has to hear is a 3 second snippet of it to tell that it’s N.E.X.T.’s City People (Doshi In). That’s because he’s a big fan of Shin HaeChul.

Defconn decides to take 10 years off DongGu’s age, no matter how DongGu tries to aegyo him, pfft. And later, when JongMin gets the next question right, he takes 10 years off TaeHyun’s.

The third question is from the Gayo Top Ten list of 1997, and DongGu gets his guess wrong, followed by Defconn and JunHo who basically spit out all sorts of songs just because they wanted to sing them. Ha!

The guys get another chance to hear the hint and less than a second in, “Music-god” Defconn guesses that it’s Ju Ju Club’s song. He even does the entire dance but… DDAENG! Hahaha. JongMin tries next and guesses that it’s Ju Ju Club’s… YAYAYA. Well… that’s not the title.

Defconn steals that next chance and because of a slip of a tongue, everyone knows the answer, haha. So Yoo PD agrees that the answer is Ju Ju Club’s 20 Years old, but tells them that the one who sings the chorus (that YAYAYA) part the best gets the prize (of taking 10 years away from someone). They go down the line, with JongMin blurting out that he’s “a singer though” and then to Defconn who lists all sorts of detail on how to sing that part… before butchering it, to DongGu who’s too earnest, to TaeHyun who just fails and JunHo who turns it into Jyana. Pfft, Lee Hyang decides that TaeHyun sang it the best and then-first-place-JongMin attempts to make him take that 10 years away from Maknae JunHo. Pfft, why would he do that, and TaeHyun takes those 10 years away from JongMin instead.


The next question is about a list of when men feel they’re the most cool, from 1st place to 10. Lee Hyang asks JongMin when he thinks he’s the coolest and JongMin says when he takes a woman home. And then when he doesn’t accept the woman’s invitation to “eat ramyun”. Or “drink coffee”. *Snort*

Defconn’s answer is super long and serious and about music and everyone gets second hand embarrassment, heheh.

They turn the question back on Lee Hyang and she replies that she likes men who like sports. The rest try to play cupid, because Defconn likes sports too and the two have a moment of connection. Then the guy almost ruins it by asking her intensely what her hobbies are. She likes lego-kinds of things, and though it expensive, Defconn promises to buy it for her.

Since number 10 on the list has been revealed (as an example), all the guys have to do is list the other 9 and for every right answer, they’ll get 5 years added to their age.

DongGu immediately smacks his club and says that it’s the moment when guys are done with their shower and see their image in the mirror. Pffft. That’s Number 1 too! HAHAHA. Seriously, guys?

The guys scream their answers, coming up with answers like, “when I wear a suit” (which JunHo gets 5 years for), “when I drive with one hand”, “when I ruffle a girl’s hair and call her ‘jashik’ while reversing the car with one hand” and then JongMin’s “when I hug a crying girl”. OR: “When I hug a drunk girl.” HAHAHAHHAH!

JongMin gets one right, by saying that it’s when the guy works out and perspires. HAHAH.

Yoo PD gives them a hint and it’s something to do with close friends. JunHo’s answer is, “when the close friend has a bromance with me.” PFFT. AT LEAST THAT’S BETTER THAN JONGMIN’S “When I take my close friend’s girlfriend!”

Yoo PD leads them on, something about when the close friend calls. DongGu guesses that it’s when one runs out immediately and TaeHyun gets the answer by finishing it with, “at dawn”. Therefore, number 3 on the list is: When, no matter how tired, if my friend calls at dawn, I run out.


And TaeHyun screams that JongKook just did that to him.

TaeHyun gets number 7 right, too, which is: When I score a goal in a sports competition and do a goal ceremony. Then he does a happy dance then. Hehheheh.

DongGu gives another half-answer (he always gives the front part of the answer but always fails the last 2% and gets the answer taken away by someone else, hahah) and when Yoo PD demands to know how a guy sings when he thinks he’s cool, JongMin blurts out “ceremony” instead of “serenade”. HAAAAA! And for some reason, that segues into a karaoke session. Heheheh, these boys.

Finally, DongGu gets the last one right, which is basically when one does good things.

The quizzes come to an end and JongMin’s dead last again, HAHAHA. He complains that he’s not going to be able to eat and JunHo, who’s right beside him, says that it’s the same for him, ha. This time, Defconn’s the eldest, followed by TaeHyun and then DongGu in third place.

They send off Lee Hyang and head off for dinner, which is of course, a full spread, filled with food that “the elderly” like to eat.


Just like at lunch, the eldest gets to choose first, though this time, he gets to take 3 whole dishes while second and third get to take 2 dishes each. JongMin’s face falls when he realizes that it means that he’s probably gonna be left with the lousiest. He tells them that he just wants the Seafood Soup.

And Defconn takes that away. HAHAHAHA.

TaeHyun goes after and slowly, the white table that was once filled, empties. JongMin groans when TaeHyun takes the sweets away and when DongGu moves to take the crab away, JongMin attempts to hit him, but Mat-hyung Defconn is there to smack sense into the youngest.

Second-youngest JunHo points to the unwanted “Silver balls bibimbap” to JongMin’s delight… only to crush all the poor guy’s hopes and dreams by refusing to take that and just ending his sentence with, “it’s the first time I’ve seen this.” HAHAH.

And so, dinner starts and while the Hyungs enjoy their delicacies, even JunHo with his red-bean bun,  JongMin the youngest tries to convince them that his “Silver balls bibimbap” is the best. His expression shows the total opposite.

JunHo manages to get some crab from DongGu and refuses to share with JongMin. DongGu sees that and allows JongMin some of his food in exchange for having some crabs deshelled.

Defconn does the same for JongMin, calling for him to peel a prawn (that’s still alive!). Meanwhile, DongGu just cackles when he sees rice stuck to the side of JunHo’s mouth, because JunHo had totally stolen ALL of the food that DongGu had given JongMin.

JongMin screams when he finds his rice bowl missing of its side-dish and immediately grabs JunHo by the lapels. He stuffs JunHo’s bun in his mouth, though JunHo’s not saddened in the least, just because he’s eaten so much of it already, ha.

Upset, JongMin brings his bowl to Defconn and slips into banmal when speaking to the “Mat-hyung”.


Despite a little warning, Defconn the wise is generous with the youngest.

After dinner, Yoo PD informs them that there won’t be any Sleeping Game of Chance tonight, since all of them will be sleeping indoors. Immediately, they get suspicious and they wonder even more when they’re transported off somewhere else by bus again.

The further they go, the paler JongMin’s face becomes and the more questions are asked.

They end up at a fishing harbour (HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!), totally dreading what they’re sure is to come and sure enough, instead of a game of chance for sleeping places, they’re doing a game of chance to see who’s gonna go out fishing. There are three sessions – one at 3am, another at 4am and the last at 5am. And there’s no rule that states that if you go out at 3, you can’t go out at 4 too. Ha.

For the game for the session at three, all they have to do is to just wear the uniform. But before they do, they’re allowed to remove their outerwear and JongMin strips down to his underwear. Pffft. And he stands like that right in front of a whole row of shops (filled with people), in front of a whole row of bobbing boats.


But there’s a reason they say that experience trumps everything, because JongMin’s the first to suit up perfectly. Even Yoo PD is shocked, hee. Meanwhile, Defconn accidentally smacks Junho while suiting up.

John Zaller without the pigtails comes to check his outfit and giggles to announce that JongMin’s passed. TaeHyun passes after that but when it’s time for DongGu, he fails, because the bookworm has stuffed his pants into his boots. Pfft. That way, your feet will get soaked, DongGu yah.

Defconn goes for his check next, with JunHo praying to the high heavens that Defconn fails (because they need two people to go fishing at 3 am). Defconn fails! Because he hasn’t clipped the strap on his life jacket between his legs. Then JunHo fails because he hasn’t even clipped the strap on the torso of his life jacket together, HA!

Finally, DongGu is checked again and he passes, meaning that JunHo and Defconn are the ones who’ll have to go fishing, after being the ones who had to run into the sea. Hehehe. JunHo laughs that Sokcho (the place they’re at now) doesn’t match them.


The game for the 4 am session is basically the guys picking each other’s names (written on rolled socks) blindly from a box and throwing them into a bucket some distance away. Whoever’s socks (with his name on it) ends up in the bucket, will have to go fishing.

They play paper scissors stone to decide the order in which they’re going to throw their socks and DongGu wins. So he decides the order, starting from him and because he has JongMin’s name in his hands, JongMin whines, unhappy that DongGu chose to go throw his sock first.

DongGu assures the guy that he’s terrible at this, like how he’s been evidently terrible at all sports… then does a perfect throw in which the JongMin-sock goes plop right into the red bucket, not touching the rim at all nor even hitting the walls of the pail. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! PERFECT! While the others celebrate, JongMin sends a flying kick in their way, which lands on poor JunHo, pfft. And later, they all try their hands at throwing their socks but none get in. JongMin and Fishing are fated to be.

For the final game, the guys will lie in a room, with ropes tied to their waists. Those ropes will then be led to the outside where the boat captain will have his choice on which two he’d like to pull. Yoo PD asks him who he’d like for his fishing trip and he replies, “Kim JongMin and Cha TaeHyun.” Hee.

Inside the room, JongMin whines and screams and whines some more.

The moment to pull comes and the captain grabs a rope. He gives a steady tug… and a familiar cackle rises from within the room. It’s TaeHyun! HAHAHHAHA!

The other guys therefore chant “Kim JongMin”, and… Defconn feels that tug. Hee, because he’s too heavy, he doesn’t move and he himself refuses to move. JunHo and JongMin hug each other in joy and then the three not going fishing at 6 decide to just push him out. Hee.

DongGu’s the only one not going fishing at all and like that, they go to sleep, sleeping in order of when they’re supposed to report for duty. Defconn wonders if he’ll be able to sleep at all before promptly snoring.


At 3.28, Yoo PD heads into their room and calls for JunHo and Defconn to go, like a grim reaper, hurr.

While Defconn dresses up obediently, JunHo chatters and sleep talks like a child. Time to get up JunHo-yah.

The two put on their uniforms, with Defconn helping JunHo through his sleepiness. But when they go out, the captain is a little apprehensive, telling that because of the weather, it’s a little hard to go work now. Ooof, those waves don’t look like a joke. Defconn and JunHo pretend like they’re really worried for filming before heading in and calling JongMin up for his turn, pfft.

JongMin gets up to go, and they even pretend that they’re willing to take over TaeHyun’s shift because the poor guy has caught the cold.

But because they’re so bad at acting, JongMin catches them in their lie, HAHHAHA. And later when Kim DaeSang attempts to lie to the actor (TaeHyun), Yoo PD laughs and just tells TaeHyun the truth.


They could have just gone to sleep but because they’re so wide awake now, they head out in the cold and sing “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

Pwahahahaha, DongGu comes out bleary-eyed at dawn, even before the sun has risen, clutching his blankets. He’s presented with instant Knife-cut-noodles and totally has fun doing his best making breakfast for the Hyungs whom he’d believed had it rough. Pfft. This innocent soul.

Once he’s done, he runs back into the room to wake them up like he’s the head-teacher of a kindergarten.


Back out, he gets a little confused when JunHo and Defconn mutter that in the end, DongGu’s the only one who worked at dawn and taking advantage of his confusion, they spin a story about a mermaid. Pwahahaha. DongGu: “Jeon JiHyun?” Defconn and JunHo: “Don’t worry be happy.”

But whatever it is, it’s time for breakfast and they DongGu’s hardwork is felt by all the hyungs.

It’s time for the first closing of the year and JunHo wears his earmuff like an eyepatch, meaning that later when they do their New Year Bow, he complains that he can’t see. Pfft.

Stay immature, guys, regardless of whatever you’ve just said!



Next Week!

The guys attempt to climb the Everest and… someone we’ve all been missing and waiting for comes back!! DongGu roars in happiness, as do TaeHyun while JunHo, Defconn and JongMin can’t close their mouths. There’s not a single one without a smile on his face.




And extra because their expressions are just too hilarious:


And here’s Korean Variety Recap’s version of this episode!


19 thoughts on “1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 157

  1. Wow, the recap for this episode is up already? 🙂 It was probably my first time watching 1N2D in raw (just because I’m really excited that JJY is returning!), and then I decided to drop by here, just in case the recap is up. Thank you, this is such a pleasant surprise!

    I love this episode – the games are simple yet still fun, everyone’s really hilarious (they were such a riot during the quiz HAHA), and Donggu seems to be much more at ease! Yay! Now I can’t wait for next Sunday!!


    1. Yeah, I try to finish it ASAP nowadays otherwise the week will come and take over and I’ll take forever to finish this.

      Next Sunday!!! When we’ll all celebrate. (DongGu looks like his saviour has come, ha. It must have been hard being the inexperienced maknae.)


  2. Happy new year! Appreciate you for doing this recap for us fans. Thanks!
    Much has been spoken about the good news of JJY return. For me, it is good to have the full team in place and for 2 days 1 night to move on freely. Lots of transition since Joon Hyuk left.. took them a long while before Donggu was selected. Also being new to variery and joining an established team, Donggu struggled with criticism.. then JJY scandal and departure which is another blow to the team. We also had Ilyong PD taking over and being criticised for lousy games, editing and inviting guests. Really not easy for the staff. I would have died of stress! Anyway glad that the team is still strong and the show enjoying good ratings!


    1. This team IS strong. And that’s why their ratings are strong. It could have lost it’s way and therefore it’s audience, but even though there are criticisms, the seniors on the team help the juniors, and the show gives them all an appropriate number of chances to get it right, evidently, which is why it’s been able to pull through so many challenges so spectacularly. I love 1 Night 2 Days.


  3. Ok..finally watched it. I must say..if those boys..er..i mean, men(oh, who am i kidding?) act befitting their ages, then i would love to join the old folks home they’ll end up in. Hahahaha..there’s not a single one of them who acts wisely according to their mental age.. they should edit the ages as in months..not years.

    And Donggu’s pout when he found out that he’s the only who worked before the sun is up, was super cute. There he was, the eager puppy..feeling sorry for his hyungs and try to cheer them up…hahaha. and when junho and deffcon told him abt their “fishing trip”..the look on donggu’s face is priceless. No wonder he’s super happy at the return of the evil maknae!

    Btw, i think junho stealing jongmin’s food is mean. Maybe it’s funny and all, but poor jongmin kept getting starved.


    1. There’s a reason JunHo is called YAPS, haha. Trash is not something you easily call someone.
      DongGu’s so innocent and naive that he’s pathetically adorable. This kid needs a devious person on his side to get through the day with the hyenas.


      1. Ah, after a long hiatus, JJY is back and hopefully full of (evil) ideas to make his hyungs suffer.. YAPS beware..LOL. am looking forward to more JJY corrupting Donggu’s character(remember mokpo island)


  4. Btw, the other site for the recaps.. i think i prefer yours, xxpeepsxx. You make me feel as if you’re a friend telling me the stories face to face. I love the “heart” that put in when writing these recaps. Thank you.

    P.S. the other site lack something..it’s like reading an annual report..but then, it’s maybe just me.


    1. Aw, thanks. Well, she’s/he’s still a new recapper (and recapping many more shows than me), and so might still be trying to feel her/his way around. Like I did. If she/he did all her/his recaps like mine, she’ll/he’ll totally burn out. Well, I should know.

      So basically we’re just learning from each other, haha.

      Anyways, thanks for the compliment!!


  5. Thanks for the recap!! Random question: what are the little cartoon animals on their name tags? I have a vague memory of seeing the mouse being carried by a flying insect in something, which is weird because I don’t watch cartoons!


      1. The animals on the name tags seems to be the animals from the 12 zodiac signs- dragon, rabbit, tiger and goat, which relate to the members’ actual birthday.

        Here to drop a comment. Thanks for these recaps! They enrich the 1N2D viewing experience!

        Liked by 1 person

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