1 Night 2 Days S3 Ep 182

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 182:

The skies go darker as the moon shines brighter. It’s time for our fans to show off just how much they love their stars and music albums, photo albums and even cups come out. Hahahah, JunHo has got nothing because all MinHyeong collected are memories.

JooSeob shows off the cup that JongMin’s fans made and sold to commemorate him getting the Daesang and JongMin complains about the fact that they didn’t give him one.  HAHAHA. They rifle through JooSeob’s collection of Koyote Albums and JooSeob trails off when he compares Young JongMin to Present JongMin, heh. Then they see all the ShinJi photos and JongMin brazenly says that “ShinJi’s fans are Koyote’s fans, who are all my fans.” Uh huh.

Next up is HwanHwi, who shows off DongGu’s book, the autograph DongGu signed for each and every one of his fans himself and she even plays the recording of her sending in a comment to a radio station where DongGu was guest that somehow resulting in the nickname “Sek-Shi-Yoon”. AKA, Sexy Yoon. LOL. He’s just a heodang though!


JinWoong shows off his two albums by Defconn and even explains how much and why he loves the music in those albums.

It’s MiJin’s turn and TaeHyun doesn’t even know where to start. Pfft, she’s got tapes of him on Lee SoRa’s music show from long, long ago. She’s got EVERYTHING related to him, OMG. Albums, autographs, magazine cut outs, newspaper cutouts… you name it, she has it.

On the other hand, MinHyeong has got nothing. Instead, he tattooed JunHo’s name on his arm… says JunHo and we see that “tattoo”. It’s just JunHo’s name written in pen-ink. HA! At least he’s got a picture of JunHo back when they were both relative newbies in the comedy scene saved on his phone. MinHyeong’s not a fan. He’s just a co-worker, ha.

SooHyeon shows off what she’s got, which even includes the string that JoonYoung used in a match against Defconn in an earlier episode of 1 Night 2 Days. She was there when they were filming and after Defconn absolutely trashed JoonYoung, he’d picked the string up and given it to SooHyeon and her friend, just because it looked like they were JoonYoung’s fans.


JoonYoung to Defconn: “Since you were so good/nice, here, have a sticker of me!” Pfft.

They relocate after that to their basecamp, where they’ll sleep tonight.

Since they’re fans, Yoo PD assumes that they’re in sync with their stars and so it’s a simple game of intuition for their sleeping games. Yoo PD will give a question and both star and fan have to give the same answer to get it right. The first three teams who get the most answers will sleep in the warm rooms indoors while 4th and 5th place have to sleep outside. Last place sleeps in a box. HAAAA!

JunHo starts whispering to MinHyeong all facts about himself while Defconn and JinWoong go up for their turn.

Heh, Yoo PD asks for the name of the Baseball Goddess that Defconn has a love-line with and while Defconn answers “Lee Hyang”, JinWoong calls out the name of another announcer. So they get that wrong.

Yoo PD to Defconn: “Ah, so you admit that you have a love-line with Lee Hyang?”

HEH. That was a trap!

Yoo PD then asks for the very first nickname that Defconn got on 1 Night 2 Days and they both answer together, “Worried Pig”. Ohh. But when asked to name the song Defconn thinks is his masterpiece, JinWoong is unable to answer. Defconn understands, saying that “there are too many right?” while the others behind tease him because they don’t even know that the track he just named exists.

After that, JinWoong and Defconn happily shout out “Dakota Fanning” when asked which international star Defconn looks like. Oooh, their last question is pretty hard and even though they get similar answers, it’s close, but no cigar.

JoonYoung and SooHyeon go after and she gets the questions about the song he sang with Roy Kim (Becoming Dust) and JoonYoung’s favourite footballer right. She doesn’t know what game he’s best at and then they both are stunned when asked what JoonYoung’s childhood nickname is. HAHAHAHAH. He doesn’t even know! But they both get the last question (On 1 Night 2 Days, what is the nickname given to JoonYoung who was always lucky?) right with “HaengSa”. They easily secure their positions indoors.



JongMin brags that JooSeob is super-confident about this game but JooSeob’s sweaty palms say otherwise. He’s more of “ShinJi-noona’s” fan though! Heh, they get the first question right (and when asked to spell the name of his song in English, JongMin lies that it was originally written in Korean). After that, they get everything wrong, PFFT. At the very end, they’re asked what JongMin’s goal for 2017 is and they both answer “marriage”. Heh. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend, what marriage are you talking about?!

DongGu and HwanHwi are next and she basically misses the first three questions, HA. But sweet DongGu is there to assure her that it’s fine, that she’s just nervous and finally, they get the question about his favourite baseball team right. They get their last question right too: On what programme did DongGu go on broadcast when he was in high school? (Challenge! Golden Bell)


HAHAHAHHAHA, TaeHyun and MinJi come up and Yoo PD admits that they’re looking forward to how MinJi performs, given how she’s his super-fan. And when asked what’s the title-track of TaeHyun’s 2nd album, she answers immediately while he gapes, unable to remember it. HAHAHHAHA! She knows him (his career) better than he knows himself! He complains about them asking about his second album and Yoo PD just asks him how many albums he’s got. “Two.” LOL.

MinJi easily answers the questions and the one that she got wrong, he got it wrong too, HA. Anyways, she was too young when it happened.

Then it’s JunHo and MinHyeong’s turn and MinHyeong gets everything wrong, even those facts that are even well known among people who barely know him. YAPS tries to rig the game and answer some pre-prepared answer that has nothing to do with the question, HA. And finally, the last question:  What is the (plastic) surgery that  JunHo went under after hearing that he looks tired from the people around him.

The two idiots: “Yoo IlYong PABO!”


Therefore this team gets 0 right and both have to sleep in boxes. Yoo PD asks if MinHyeong doesn’t even watch 1 Night 2 Days and MinHyeong replies that in the past 1 year, he was busy being a daughter-pabo for his precious little tot, HaYi. Aw.

While DongGu and TaeHyun and the others watch an episode of The Best Hit, MinHyeong and JunHo tape their boxes up. The two of them crawl in and JoonYoung tells JunHo to hug his fan to sleep, since it’s cold. MinHyeong’s all, “it’s fine!” Ha!

Slowly, they go to sleep, with the “Oppa-deul” arranging for HwanHwi to sleep indoors. DongGu still has to sleep out in the tents with the others. Heh, JunHo and MinHyeong cannot be bothered with that at all and tape up the ends of their boxes to block the wind out as much as possible. Yoo PD’s totally unhappy with that, because it means that they can’t be filmed and the staff cut a hole to squeeze a camera through. Pfft.


Ha, JongMin, JooSeob and DongGu lie down to sleep but their neighbour, Defconn and JiWoong are not making things easy by scream-singing next door. Aiyosh! JiWoong was supposed to attend a wedding tomorrow but because he couldn’t get a ticket, he can’t go and so he raps on broadcast for the happy couple.

Night turns to day and the moment the morning song is played, Defconn and JiWoong jump right up and run. JunHo and MinHyeong follow close behind while from the house, HwanHwi bursts through the doors and pester DongGu to get up already. HAHAHAH, she’s so adorable, skipping around impatiently for him to come out already.

All 5 teams run to the meeting area. I say five because JongMin and JooSeob are still lazing around in their tent and take their own sweet time to come out.

Finally, they appear and TaeHyun laughs as he shares how the ladies were rushing around like army-generals that morning. Yoo PD points out how HwanHwi didn’t sleep very well last night and she mutters that it’s thanks to “somebody’s snoring”. Footage shows us that it’s TaeHyun. When asked about how she feels about that, MinJi just giggles that it was an interesting experience (the word used has a good connotation).


The other one who didn’t get to sleep well was MinHyeong. Ha.

But later, HwanHwi admits that running together first thing in the morning, right after waking up, made her heart flutter. MinHyeong bluntly repeats that too, heh. Yoo PD asks him how fluttery he is and he just repeats whatever JunHo feeds to him. Kek.

It’s close to the end of the trip and Yoo PD has prepared Jjajangmyeon for one couple. It’s a simple game of luck and HwanHwi and DongGu get the honour.

Yoo PD sadly announces that he could only afford to prepare one serving… so the rest of them are coming back to mainland with him while HwanHwi and DonGu have to wait till the stalls there open and find their way back home. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. DongGu starts screaming (this is the first time I see him giving such a big reaction to anything) then protects HwanHwi from JunHo’s teases. Aw, the dear girl looks like she’s on the verge of tears.

Anyway, even the staff will be gone, so the two of them will really be alone. Ha. And they have to film themselves too.

The others happily wave bye while DongGu and HwanHwi stare a little blank-eyed, hehe. But later, they enjoy their time eating Jajangmyeon and taking we-fies.

To close the trip, each of the fans say a little something to their stars/ about their stars while JunHo’s Remember this Member song plays in the back.

It’s a new day and a new trip and our boys are brought to Yeongwol Samgut Village nestled in the TaeBaek Mountains. With just 50 households and a total of 120 residents, the tiny little beautiful village is surrounded by willows and is heavily agricultural.

Therefore, they need a lot of helping hands. Ha. They’re here on a “Working Holiday”.

Their mentors for this trip come out, and they’re Mdm Jeon GeumOk (85), Mdm Lee ChunHwa (76), Mr Kim HeonSu (79) and Mdm Yoo GapJun (73). Ah, the latter two are a married couple and Mdm Yoo GapJun was from Seoul.

But besides the people here, there’s another mentor waiting for them in the middle of the forest. The other two will be sent to the “nature guy” who lives deep in the woods. Ha, they call him (he does have a phone!) and wonder if he even watches 1 Night 2 Days. He does, even retorting that there’s not a single Korean who doesn’t know this show. He’s Korean, so he watches it! HEH.

Then he names TaeHyun and JongMin as the people he would like and TaeHyun goes from standing to sitting down because his jelly legs can’t bear his weight. HAHAHA, he tells them to be careful when coming over, because the wild boars are having a party and that calling emergency services doesn’t work. Pffft.

Yoo PD tells them that who gets sent to the nature-guy lies with the mentors before them here and after rounds of scissors paper stones, Mdm GeumOk gets first dibs and.. reaches out for the two youngest-uns. JoonYoung and DongGu. HAHAHAHA!


Desperate not to be sent into the forest, Defconn carries Mdm ChunHwa and she immediately chooses him and JongMin to help her out. Pwahaha, TaeHyun plants himself in between the married couple and no matter how much JunHo tries to appeal to them, Mdm GapJun is insistent on having TaeHyun.

Ha, JunHo is dragged to the car that’s headed for nature and after blabbing a bit, he opens the car door on his side and escapes. But of course, he’s dragged back.

The guys left in the village are sent their separate ways and TaeHyun gapes to see the farmland behind Mr HeonSu and Mdm GapJun, streaching so far that it just melts into the horizon. They have to work on aaaaaaaalllllllll of those. Ha! Good Luck!


He finds their Poongsan Dog (a pretty prestigious breed, because it’s one of only six native Korean breeds) and TaeHyun cackles as they regale him with stories of that unfaithful dog betraying their choice of mate and finding love with another (short-legged) dog. That encounter led to three puppies and they have no idea who fathered them, heh.

TaeHyun’s given a quick introduction to the crops already planted and after sitting for just a second, he’s sent to work, HA.

DongGu and JoonYoung are having a much easier time, strolling down a lane and eating mulberries. They arrive at her HUGE compound (it’s not even just a house) and she tells them to rest and treats them to snacks and cold refreshing water.


Ha, while she lights the furnace, DongGu hovers around her, tending to her every need while JoonYoung just looks on from the side, pfft. He quips that she’s got “charisma” when she works… and the flash-forwards shows how she orders them around later, HA!

Defconn and JongMin arrive at Mdm ChunHwa’s little house and are sent to work preparing seed trays. Haha, Defconn asks her what’s in the soil that she bought but she can’t answer and later, he accidentally sprinkles that soil (probably 50% chicken poop) on JongMin.

JunHo finally arrives at the carpark nearest his Nature-Guy and does a little monologue that his stylist totally ignores and just talks over. He gets a cucumber (he calls it his life) from some nice stall-owners and a while later after his car reaches its destination, his accompanying PD laughs, wondering why he’s not coming out. Turns out, he slept, while still holding onto the cucumber, heh.

He starts hiking, on this trip that’ll take him 2 hours. He climbs over rocks, walks past the doings of the wild boars and takes a rest at a little stream. Hee, the insists that he’s not angry and then screams when he can’t find a signal on his phone. He’s startled when a dragonfly lands on his sleeve and complains when he sees the peak of the mountain, his destination, in the distance.


A long, long, long time later, he starts climbing up steep sides of the mountain and drops his cucumber. Aiya! He’s then told that he has to go back down because there’s no path ahead. He grumbles, but then goes down as needed, holding on to his life cucumber.

They take another break and JunHo’s especially touchy about if someone’s eating something without sharing.

Finally, he finds a compound and his Nature-Guy Kim PilBong. LOL, his first words to him (after “are you Kim PilBong-nim?) are “I love you!”


Next Week!

All of them are put to hard work while JunHo flies through the forest and swims in the streams. Ha!


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