SW0017: Anthropology of the Swoon Class Week 01


1: Everyday should start with a Good Morning.








2: Respect is what you should expect.

No grabby! No touchy!






3: Although sometimes intimacy from comfort can be swoony too.

Note that this is NOT for everyone.






4: But really, just… don’t go too far.

It’s too uncool.






5: Guys who do domestic things are always swoony.







6: And so are guys who do things just for you.






7: Guys who carry themselves well get A+ too.

  Good Example.                                                                            Bad example!








8: But better are those moments when someone’s always there for you no matter what.







9: And when someone protects you.







10: And supports and takes care of you.












Though of course, nothing beats a daring confession.


“To me, you’re the whole world!”



“But. I’m going to try it once. That bad love.”



If you have any suggestions for next week’s class, at least leave it somewhere on this website please. I’m not actually omnipresent on the world wide web.

(And anything you see under categories on the left are basically the dramas/variety shows I watch. If the moments are from somewhere else… er, well, if the context is easy to grasp, it might just come out in “class”. Lol, I am having way too much fun with this.)


8 thoughts on “SW0017: Anthropology of the Swoon Class Week 01

    1. LOL, but Bogummie wasn’t in the header-picture?

      It’s a combination of quite a few things. 1. Of course some Dramabeans posts 2. Falling behind on my Moonlight Drawn By Clouds IMPcaps. I’m not even sure if anyone reads that. 3. So, I was like, “Hey, just put everything together, like a weekly journal of all the “Swooniness” that happened over the week. Haha.


      1. Tags had moonlight though! Haha maybe I just love him too much.

        I do read the impcaps, although I don’t comment on them. I like everything together though, it’s a nice summary of the week. If it’s either this or the impcaps I definitely prefer this, especially for someone who doesn’t necessary watch all the dramas but might want to know what’s going on. But that’s just my input 🙂


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